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Updated Nov. 6, 2018

In 649 days, President Trump has made 6,420 false or misleading claims

Uninformed American voters are the reason the world has to put up with Trump

Major independent news analysts have concluded President Trump averages more than 9.8 misstatements or mangled truths every day.  And to make matters worse, Trump often repeats the same false statements dozens of times - and often more frequently than that.  Said another way: The Donald lies on average, NINE times daily.  Notice how the graph depicts how Trump's daily misstatements and lies are increasing?  So far the most outrageous single day in his brief term of office was September 7th (2018) when Donald Trump lied 128 times in a single day.  How can his base...roughly 35% of American voters, still support this lying disruptive egotistical jerk?   I realize his supporters will not bother to read the details at the link below, but it may be handy to bookmark the article below and be prepared to counter-punch your weird & argumentative Uncle Harry or your equally mindless Aunt Jane with something they rarely are confronted with: FACTS


Originally posted by Mike on 11.08.17.   Since then we have multiple Trump officials pleading guilty to crimes, and many more indicted - with dozens of Trump officials testifying before Congressional and/or FBI investigative panels. Even his own personal lawyer and "fixer" Michael Cohen pled guilty to criminal charges & indictments, both Federal & state.  This is by far the most shameful period of American politics in our nation's history easily surpassing Watergate & topping the national disgrace caused by 8-yrs of George W. Bush (2 unfunded wars, 2 unfunded tax cuts, + unfunded Medicare drug benefits). 

The Donald's 1st Year

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Obama takes aim at Trump & GOP in fiery speeches in Detroit & Milwaukee

Thank goodness for the voice of truth & reason!  Former President Obama lent his support for America with two Midwest appearances Saturday (10.26.18): Detroit & Milwaukee.  It was wonderful hearing the calming voice after months of lies from the WH & the Donald, hyper Republican nonsense with the Kavanaugh hearings, radical right-wing extremists sending 14+ bombs thru the mail to people that Trump bashes at each of his Un-American rallies, and endless string of indictments from the "Mueller Investigation" - charges against Trump's staff (who have largely pled guilty) and his cohorts in Russia.  You would do yourself a favor by listening to the speech (both speeches were quite similar).

President Obama with Senator Stabenow & Gretchen Whitmer - candidate to be Michigan's next Governor. WI speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqjXFbZ4-nk
MI speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaSM0FnXnlE

"Here's the thing...everything I say you can look up!"
"In Washington they have racked up enough indictments to field a football team," he said. "Nobody in my administration got indicted."
“In the last election, it was Hillary’s emails. ‘This is terrible’ … ‘This is a national security crisis.’ They didn’t care about emails and you know how you know?  Because if they did, they’d be up in arms right now that the Chinese are listening to the president’s iPhone that he leaves in his golf cart.”
My favorite portion of the speech is when Mr. Obama addressed the Donald's braggadocios claims about the economy and the status of America when Trump took office as if voters & the media suddenly have amnesia about where we've been and what we went through the last time Democrats had to clean up messes caused by Republican politics: "Think back to where we were a decade ago ... We got the economy growing again (2008-2016) ... it's been growing ever since by the way...so when folks talk right now about 'oh the economy is doing so well' ....where do you think that started!?!"  And this little fun-fact: "We created more jobs by the way during my last 20-months in office than we have in the 20-months since I left office.  Go look it up," Mr. Obama said.  [link to Bureau of Labor stats]

I'm still wishin' Mr. Obama could have served a 3rd term.

Trump's Base Happy With His Accomplishments ... What Accomplishments???

Huh?  What "accomplishments"?  Tell me...other than negative achievements like disruption and destruction, what pray tell has Trump accomplished?   Some point to the economy...which I don't quite understand.  Since the first of the year my investments are down 7.32% (Jan - Oct)...not quite into "correction territory" but close.  Other economic indicators: GDP...the 3rd Q is at 3.5% which is actually down slightly from the 2nd Q.  The last 4-yrs of Obama administration the GDP averaged 3.3% so I think the jury is still out on that gauge.  Jobs?  As mentioned above more jobs were created in the last 20-months of the Obama administration than Trump created in his 1st 20-months in office.  The good news on jobs began October 2010 as the Obama administration was cleaning up the last GOP mess...some 95 consecutive months of jobs growth - not something the Trump administration can take credit for without acknowledging the accomplishments of the previous Democratic administration.  Same thing with rising levels of income - which continues to rise under the Donald's watch...a trend that began under Barack's watch. 

Trump has zero legislative accomplishments...he tried to kill the Affordable Care Act as Republicans in Congress voted to repeal it some 70 times - only to find out Americans actually like many aspects of "ObamaCare" such as coverage on pre-existing conditions.  The public is not in favor of a full repeal, Donald.  Border wall?  And here I thought the Mexicans were gonna' pay for it...funny how much he talks about immigration but can not seem to get it through Congress even though Republicans hold a majority & have since 2014.  Taxes?  As mentioned below  ("Donald Is Not The Only Evil-Doer") the nation's deficit has increased by $779 billion thanks to Trump's tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.  Infrastructure?  Nothing.  Immigration?  Well, the Trump administration is still trying to put families together after their disaster separating families along our Southern border this spring.  Federal Courts stopped the practice that Donald & Jeff Sessions introduced...and it was only in effect for 3-wks.  Pure evil.   Trade?  The Donald's ill-advised tariffs are causing US job losses in several industries & agriculture, raising prices in the Consumer Price Index, as well as contributing to the volatile stock market which is approaching "correction" status.  Energy & Environment?  Don't even go there...the list of negative repercussions is way too long to summarize here; after indicating he'll withdraw from the Paris Accord, and dozens of disastrous EPA policy changes drove Trump's environmental record deeply into negative territory.

By virtually any sane measure, Trump has been a dismal failure in his first 2-yrs.  I can see where radical right-wing conservatives would be thrilled Donald got two justices confirmed to the Supreme Court...but that may be the lone accomplishment this administration can point to.  And, the trouble for Trump and Republicans running in the upcoming Mid-Term elections: the majority of Americans disapprove of his court appointments, and will regret it for decades...so the "accomplishment" appears to have back-fired. 

Elections have consequences, folks.  Let's not make the same mistake made in 2016 where too many folks stayed home and did not bother to do their civic duty.  Vote.

The "bombs" were real Mr. President - and so was the arrest

Karma.  The Donald attempts to discredit the FBI and the United States Department of Justice because he's worried the Mueller Investigation is going to produce some evidence that will put him in deeper legal jeopardy or ruin his Presidency altogether.  So he fires Comey, McCabe, Strozk, and threatens Bruce Ohr...trashes his Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Jeff's Deputy Rod Rosenstein.  So now Trump looks a bit foolish when one of his radical right-wing extremists goes off the deep-end and allegedly sends a dozen pipe bombs to people who have been concerned about the nation's health & well-being.  The bombs were addressed to some of Trump's favorite people: President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Eric Holder, CNN News & many others. They're also some of the folks that the Donald loves to trash and complain about on almost a daily basis nearly 2-years after securing a majority of electoral college delegates.  It still drives him insane that Secretary Clinton got 3 million more votes than he did. 

Anyway, the Donald, and probably his #1 advisor, Sean Hannity, were worried that news coverage of these "bombs" would reflect badly on the conservative candidates and other "nationalists" running for office in the Mid-Terms ... so they decide to try discrediting the news ... tried implying that it was "fake news" and manufactured by Democrats.  It's what Republicans do, and it's disgusting.  I'm fairly sure there is not a Republican on Earth who can rationally explain this stupid Tweet ... the Donald's base loves him & they blindly follow him.  But it wasn't very smart, especially when the FBI had  briefed the White House Thursday night that an arrest was eminent - hours before the Donald sent his Tweet.  There was little doubt of the authenticity of these crimes & that the FBI quickly got their man.  Thank goodness for effective law enforcement - the very people Trump has been trashing the past 2-yrs!

Donald isn't the only evil-doer !

The dangers that Donald Trump provides to all citizens of the world have been a primary topic of this website, but there are other evil-doers on the scene who potentially could destroy life as we know it in America. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is one such fellow. Just this month (Oct '18) McConnell threaten to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — programs the nation and our working class depend on.

How so, you ask? The US Treasury announced this month that Trump's huge tax cut for the wealthy was indeed adding more debt as Democrats and other reasonable people predicted, including the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Before the tax cut was passed & signed into law by Trump the CBO issued a warning that our national debt could rise by $1.9 TRILLION over 10-yrs. USA Today reported 10/16/18: "The federal budget deficit is soaring, and you can blame it all on Republican tax cuts."  So naturally the Senate majority leader resorted to his position that Social Security needs to be cut to make up for the Trump administration’s $779 billion budget deficit. Trump's big tax plan has created a big boost in military spending and a massive tax cut for corporations & wealthy individuals, modest tax cuts for everyone else. The Trump tax cut has driven the biggest one-year increase in the deficit since 2009 when the Great Recession wreaked havoc on federal finances; stimulus spending programs had to be implemented to combat the last time the GOP nearly destroyed the nation's economy (3 unfunded wars, 3 unfunded tax cuts) by George W. Bush.

But McConnell blames spending on entitlements to be the problem.  Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare spending are causing the highest deficit in six years, according to Mitch. It's not a new position for McConnell...in 2013 he said much the same: government should cut "entitlement spending" [WSJ 1/6/13].

Robbing Grandma's Social Security is just the latest installment in a long list of Mitch's sins. More examples? How about Mitch's pledge to "Make Obama a one-term President".  That was the position McConnell notoriously uttered in 2010 - that the single-most important thing Senate Republicans needed to achieve was making Obama a one-term president. “I am a proud guardian of gridlock,” McConnell said. The goal was to put the brakes on every bit of President Obama’s entire legislative platform.

“By opposing Obama at every turn, no matter what, you are ginning up an anti-government, anti-elite kind of feeling,” said Al Cross, a University of Kentucky professor who has watched McConnell closely for decades.

So how about Merrick Garland?  McConnell's biggest coup was preventing President Obama from filling a Supreme Court vacancy and reshaping the judiciary for a generation. Pure evil.  The plan was hatched literally an hour after Justice Antonin Scalia died in February 2016, when McConnell announced he would block any Obama nomination ― an unprecedented level of obstruction aimed at a sitting president.  He came up with the argument that, because Obama had less than a year left in office, the next president had a right to fill the court seat.  "Let the people decide," Mitch said, ignoring the fact that Americans had spoken when they overwhelmingly elected President Obama TWICE.  Democrats complained loudly, but McConnell, with his soft-spoken, annoying Kentucky drawl, kept them at bay. Republicans followed his lead and denied the president’s nominee, Merrick Garland, a single Senate hearing.  Contrast that to the way the GOP handled hearing for Trump's latest Supreme Court nominee: Brett Kavanaugh...hiding 90% of Brett's prior work documents, etc.  I knew in 2014 McConnell's reelection against Democratic challenger KY Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes was the sign of bad things to come.  Elections do have consequences, folks.

"So, the next time you hear Republicans and conservatives bloviating about the “failures” of the Obama presidency, remember the role they played in them. And remember how their resistance hurt the country they are elected to help govern," said Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post in his article "Republicans had it in for President Obama before Day 1" published 8/10/12.

The big question today is: will citizens of this great land allow this craziness to continue or do we vote Republicans out of office before they do even more harm?  I suggest, just as we experienced in 2008 the Democrats need to regain control of the Senate, the House and as many state legislatures as possible. Goodness I hope so.  It starts by voting this November.


Pay Up, Donald !

On July 5th (2018) at one of the Republican MOB rallies our President once again disparaged Senator Elizabeth Warren, calling her names and challenging her to provide DNA evidence of her Native American heritage.  "I will give you a million dollars...to your favorite charity...paid for by Trump if you take the test and it shows you're an Indian."

Well, today 10/15/18 Senator Warren did just that and called Trump's bluff - providing a copy of the medical report containing the DNA evidence.  Washington Post reported today: "The DNA analysis, by Carlos D. Bustamante, a Stanford University professor, concludes that “the vast majority” of Warren’s ancestry is European but that “the results strongly support the existence of an unadmixed Native American ancestor in the individual’s pedigree, likely in the range of 6-10 generations ago.”  Senator Warren has asked the Donald to send a check to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center.  Well done, Senator!

The Donald's response?  Like the lying weasel that he has proven himself to be (thousands of times) is it hardly a shock that he's denying that he said it?  Yeah, right...as if that'll fly...his challenge to Warren was recorded in a rally speech...which all Americans can listen & watch...over and over...and laugh at the guy.  Loudly.  But now the Donald is trying to say he'll only live up to his pledge if he gets to administer the test.  "I'll only do it if I can test her personally, OK?" Trump said today.  No, Donald, it is not ok.  A) you're not qualified to administer such a test, nor qualified to interpret the results.  and B) you should have included that caveat when you disparaged a United States Senator.  You lose, pay up. 

And, the media should stop reporting on anything he says or does until he makes good on his pledge.  Stop feeding the creep - all he wants is publicity.  Stop giving to the guy!  I am proposing a total news blackout until he coughs up the cash...until then, I suggest the media only run clips of previous lies and the fact-checking responses.  The man lies and the media allows it...it needs to stop here & now.

(And no, for those who think this means I support Senator Warren to run for President in 2020...I do not.  I think she is an awesome American, and an asset to the US Senate.  'Nuf said.)

The Only Reasonable Recourse

Vote.  The Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee should be ashamed, as should the fifty Senators who voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.  The so-called "7th FBI investigation" was so limited by Don McGahn at the White House it served only as a publicity stunt and 7-day cooling off period.  Besides the sexual assault accusation, the GOP effectively blocked some 90% of Kavanaugh's previous work history documentation.  The anger & unhinged ugliness displayed by Kavanaugh in response the Dr. Ford's testimony should have deemed the judge unfit for the Supreme Court.  The majority of Americans agreed that it was a mistake for Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to ram the process thru...so now citizens have little choice but to respond in kind in November.  I would suggest that not a single vote for any Republican should be cast...and this protest vote should extend up and down the ballot from county dog-catcher to your representatives in Washington.  Send a message - vote these creepy people out of office.
posted 10.06.18

“If this is the new norm, you better watch out for your nominees.”

So said Lindsey Graham (R-SC) in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court (on Wed Sept 27th, 2018).  Brett stands accused of sexual assault...and even though Senator Graham really needed to spend 60-seconds with a spool of dental floss after the lunch break he opted to glob-onto his second 5-minute timeslot to rip into Democrats on the committee (when all other Senators on the committee were limited to one 5-minute block of time...even when Kavanaugh effectively filibustered most responses to Democratic Senator's questions).  Why would Graham threaten his Democratic colleagues?  Graham says the liberal Dems want to take back the Senate.  Well, "duh!"  Of course they do.  For the good of the country let's hope they do.  Let's hope Democrats also exceed 67 seats in the Senate following the mid-term elections so that we can get the nation back on track.  [text of complete rant]

Louise & I watched the entire hearing - thank goodness for the DVR so that we could take breaks, eat meals, and yes, floss & brush before resuming.  (The hearing lasted from 10 am to nearly 9 pm.)  Through the process Republicans shielded their questions for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford by having a female prosecutor asking Dr. Ford an assortment of questions attempting to smear her testimony.  The 2nd half of the hearing the GOP abandoned their charade of wanting to be respectful and repeatedly drilled Democrats who had the audacity of requesting, repeatedly, that the FBI reopen their background investigation as they've done in the past under similar circumstances.  Republicans, formerly the law-and-order party, are curiously refusing to request the White House to direct the FBI to check the various allegations insisting the committee's investigators are adequate - even though these folks are actually just the Senator's aids and staff...and many have them have been posting tweets using the hash tag "confirmKavanaugh".  Instead, what's about to happen is the committee has actually scheduled a vote of their candidate even though witnesses and corroborating evidence is simply ignored.

The other part that disturbs many voters about Senator Graham's tirade is the reality the he is one of the leaders of the Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi investigation that lasted nearly 3-years at a cost exceeding $8 million.  This is also the same GOP who blocked President Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, as well as 74 lower court judicial nominations over the 8-years that the Obama family resided in the White House. So Graham's threat that "if this is new norm" rings pretty hollow...the disgraceful new norm is a product of your racist, homophobic, war-mongering, deficit busting Republican Party. 
posted: 09.28.18

But wait...(there's more)...a 2nd charge emerges!

It was only a matter of time.  New Yorker magazine has published a story this weekend that is sure to capture quite a bit of attention when viewed along with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's assertions below, as Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez relates her experiences from 1983 with Brett Kavanaugh.   The New Yorker reports: "After six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, Ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollections to say that she remembers Kavanaugh had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away. Ramirez is now calling for the F.B.I. to investigate Kavanaugh’s role in the incident. “I would think an F.B.I. investigation would be warranted,” she said."  The majority of Americans likely will agree.
posted bright & early 09.24.18

..a 3rd & 4th charge surfaces!

Trouble is, these women will likely not be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Republicans are just in such a rush to resolve this - they actually think they can ignore these subsequent charges and plow thru the process as Mitch McConnell says he will do. Voters this mid-term can put a stop to this nonsense...let's start by not electing any Republicans - from county Dog Catcher all the way up the ballot. Send a political message to white male dominated office holders: "what you and your party are doing is unacceptable!"


Of course we advocate delaying appointment of Kavanaugh...so do most Americans!

Republicans are accusing Democrats of attempting to sabotage their nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court as if that is a bad thing.  What Republicans fail to realize is the majority of Americans agree with the Democrats - Judge Kavanaugh should not be approved to a lifetime appointment to our highest court given all the flaws and uncertainties that have been exposed during the rushed process to approve the nominee.  [FactCheck: NBC News, Wall St. Journal]  And the charges of possible sexual misconduct are just one of many reasons the public is a bit skeptical and wants to know more - not less - about the mountain of Kavanaugh's documents the GOP will not release, as well as details surrounding charges leveled by Dr. Blasey Ford.

For many of us the problem with the Kavanaugh nominee began when Republicans blocked 79 of President Obama's nominees to Federal courts during his two terms in office 2008-2016.  [FactCheck]   Yep, 79 vacant positions that Barrack Obama attempted to fill were blocked successfully by Republicans over the preceding 8-years...gee, no wonder the Donald has had such "success" in getting right-wing judicial picks approved by this Republican Congress...which really is the only noteworthy accomplishment of this flawed administration besieged by scandal.  The Republican obstruction continued when Merrick Garland was nominated to fill the vacancy created by the unexpected death of Antonin Scalia some 10-months prior to the 2016 election.  "Let the people decide," Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican Leader said as he refused to schedule hearings on the Garland nomination...and ignoring the voter's voice when America elected Mr. Obama to his 2nd term in 2012.  I wish Democrats had raised a larger fuss over McConnell's slight - like shutting down all none essential government functions until Republicans behaved reasonably.  In my world - McConnell should have been arrested or kicked out of the Senate for his obstruction and failure to serve all of America...not just the radical right-wing extremists he caters to.

The next valid reason for slowing down the Kavanaugh nomination process is in exposing the sham Republicans have perpetuated in blocking literally hundreds of thousands of pages of records of Brett Kavanaugh's prior government jobs he worked in during the Bush administration.  [FactCheck]  Few voters pay attention to such things - though they should care. Many of these documents have leaked out - which is a good thing because they reveal serious questions about Kavanaugh's statements made during previous confirmation hearings (to his current Circuit Court seat), as well as his public statements and writings that draw more questions regarding Kavanaugh's true positions regarding a host of topics.  [FactCheck] Consider: #1. a woman's right to determine her own reproduction health - his writings conflict his sworn testimony before the judiciary committee; #2. his very public position and sickening obstruction as a Circuit Judge of the US Court of Appeals in a case brought by an immigrant held in custody who was seeking to have a legal abortion.  Fortunately, Kavanaugh was over-ruled by the rest of the court; [FactCheck]  #3. Kavanaugh's role in Bush administration in several matters related to warrantless wiretapping to torture of detainees during Bush's post-911 invasion & combat in Iraq & Afghanistan.  [FactCheck]  #4. the nation's ability to investigate a sitting president; #5. the President's right to pardon himself and/or delay the investigations and possible prosecution for any illegal acts (obstruction of justice and possible conspiracy with foreign powers) being investigated by Robert Mueller's team. 

And now with charges from Dr. Blasy Ford, the Republican hypocrites on the Senate Judiciary Committee have conveniently flip-flopped on their previous positions that are well documented during the Anita Hill / Clarence Thomas fiasco in 1991.  Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) both served on the Judiciary Committee 27-yrs ago when they supported the FBI to investigate...yet now they oppose the FBI updating their background check, as well as oppose the notion that additional witnesses should be called to help provide context to the pending hearings this next week.  Without a full-investigation, and without additional witnesses, the GOP seems to be hoping that Americans are not paying attention.  [FactCheck]  With mid-term elections looming Republicans seem to be banking on the hearings simply producing little more than "He said/She said" before they proceed to a vote to confirm the nominee.  Such a vote should never be allowed to occur.   

posted Sunday 09.23.18   

The voice of reason & sanity

And it is good seeing you, Mr. President!  One day recently I sat down for lunch, flipped on the tube to see what in the world is going on...and couldn't believe my lucky stars that Barack Obama was delivering a speech at the  University of  Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  I'm familiar with the tradition that former Presidents maintain a low-profile following their service to the country...as Mr. Obama has been largely silent the past year-and-a-half.  But given the crazy stuff that the Donald has done and said since moving into the White House the majority of Americans - Democrats, Independents, and Republicans largely welcomed Mr. Obama's entry back to our political scene as mid-term elections loom.  (Okay, I realize some 39% of Americans representing the shrinking GOP base, was probably not interested...preferring to wallow in the angry hateful white supremacist inspired nonsense that is the Trump presidency.)  Unlike 2016 and most all mid-term elections during my lifetime, America needs voters to turn out and do their civic duty: vote This is no time to take a pass or to demonstrate your reluctance to get involved and participate.

The speech was nearly half over...but I pressed "record" on the DVR to preserve what I could for Louise (who was off on a nature hike with a good friend).  Besides, I've come to learn that vital public events like this are captured digitally and shared with the world via the internet...that way, Louise & I could watch what we missed on the internet later...and then replay the 2nd half on the large screen.  So I had not heard the President's opening line about flying into Urbana, IL and enjoying the sight of corn fields below as his plane descended & landed.  But sure am glad I caught it on the re-run.  If you missed the speech, I suggest you watch it or read it (or both) and then pass it on for others to experience - there are 2 handy links below...while you're at it, why not share 'em with your representatives in Washington?  You'll be glad you did. 

speech video:  https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2018/09/07/barack-obama-full-speech-urbana-illinois-sept-2018-vpx.cnn
speech text: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2018/09/07/president-barack-obamas-speech-transcript-slamming-trump/1225554002/

posted 09.07.18

Paging all Republican members of Congress:
Please report to the front desk to collect your spines

I said it in November 2016, and I've repeated it several times since the election: we're in this mess because of voters...those who ignored all the facts prior to the election that revealed Trump was unfit for public office & voted for him anyway...as well as those voters who opted to sit it out ... too lazy to vote. Over 40% of registered voters did not participate.  But voters can not remove the Donald - and I am not sure the world can wait for the 2020 election - we need Congress to engage and take action, NOW! 

Yesterday (8.23.18) I heard Rush Limbaugh say on his radio program that even with evidence that Trump lied and did indeed break campaign finance laws, the base of Trump supporters would not change their opinion or drop their support for President Trump.  Thankfully that base is small as reviewed earlier this month "Trump's Dinky Base" (see below).  But it still amazes me how little the Republican leaders have to say on the subject, heads deeply drilled into the sand, which is why voters need to turn-out in droves for the mid-term elections and be sure to vote these creepy people out of office.  I guess that's why I was glad to read the editorial in USA Today and wanted to share it:     

Paging all Republican members of Congress: Please report to the front desk to collect your spines

You will need them to fulfill your constitutional role as a co-equal branch of government. You will need them to defend the rule of law against a president who is unbeholden to the truth.

Might we suggest that now would be a good time to do this.

Under oath in federal court in New York this week, President Donald Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen, implicated the president in the commission of a federal crime. Cohen said then-candidate Trump directed him to make illegal campaign contributions — hush-money payments to two women — before the 2016 election. Most legal experts believe that a sitting president can’t be indicted and prosecuted. That leaves it to Congress to get to the bottom of things with hearings to examine the existing evidence, develop new evidence, and bring Cohen and others to the Capitol to testify — much as the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities did during Watergate, 45 years ago. And it’s up to Congress to lay down some red-line markers, sending a message that it won’t countenance any interference with special counsel Robert Mueller’s legitimate and vital Russia investigation, or any pardons the president might issue to protect himself.

So far, though, the Cohen bombshell has mostly evoked the sounds of silence from the Republicans who run the House and Senate.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said he doesn’t yet have enough information about the payoffs to a former porn star and Playboy model. Perhaps this would be a good reason to hold hearings, would it not?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who actually has his chamber in an unusual August session, says he is too busy considering nominations and appropriations bills. Too busy to examine criminal allegations against the man who is now president? Too busy to put some boundaries around a president who has been caught in a bald-faced lie about whether he knew about the payments?

In prior years, Republican lawmakers have demonstrated no such reluctance to hold the White House accountable, so long as it was occupied by Democrats. Notably, they turned a terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, into a years-long episode of partisan shaming.

Imagine if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton had been credibly accused of directing illegal payments to cover up affairs and deprive voters of potentially significant information. You can bet the GOP-controlled Congress would be cranking up its investigative machinery, if not the impeachment process.

Now, when there is credible evidence of criminal wrongdoing by the president, party leaders sit mute and meek. They humble their institution. History will not look kindly upon them. 


posted 08.24.18

Keeping Us Sane

If you've followed this website you know we're having a fun summer digging into my Dad's childhood baseball card collection...which prompted us to dust off the Ken Burns Baseball documentary series from 1994...trouble is we've gotten hooked on high definition TV viewing ... and our old collection is VHS format ... so we upgraded to a used digital CD set.  We've also brought out our beloved CD collection of the West Wing and find ourselves longing for political leaders who were good, decent, noble and thoughtful.  A lot of similarities to the Obama administration...virtually nothing like the GW Bush or Trump years.  Okay, I'll admit it, the Donald has made me consider softening my opinion about W...but then I re-read the list of criminals from his administration...eleven of 'em and I just shake my head. [read more]  

And just think: the Donald still has rallies to this day where the audience shout "lock her up" in unison...even after his attorney pled guilty, and his former campaign mgr was found guilty of eight felony counts.  Do we need to remind voters that no one from the Obama administration was convicted of a crime???  (And no, I don't count David Petraeus...he has a Bush hold-over.)  Tell me again why anyone in their right mind votes Republican these days. 

Trump's Dinky Base

The handful of American voters who continue to support their President even with all of his lies (see Washington Post summary below)...they say they're behind him because of the affect he's had on the economy, immigration reform, and his nominees to Federal courts.  Keep in mind that over 46% of registered adult voters didn't even bother to vote...and among those who did vote - nearly 3 million more voters picked Clinton over Trump. And when you look at the total votes cast for the Donald only 25.2% of American's who are eligible to vote picked him.  Let that stat linger a moment.  Barely a quarter of Americans wanted him to be President in the first place ...and given his performance, his favorable ratings have tanked since taking office.  So Mr. Trump clearly never had a mandate of support.

And what about his claim that he's been the most effective President in history when it comes to "fixing the economy"?  Hyperbole & seriously mistaken, say the fact-checkers.  The USA published an awesome reader op-ed column today:

Trump’s economy isn’t much to brag about
USA TODAY  -  2 Aug 2018

"President Donald Trump has widely and loudly boasted of an economic revival of epic and historic proportions. Make no mistake, the economy today is strong and growing, but it’s far from being historic. Let’s consider the facts. There are three key metrics that indicate the strength of the economy: gross domestic product, jobs and wages. In the second quarter of this year, the GDP grew 4.1 percent, but during President Barack Obama’s tenure it grew more than 4 percent on four separate quarters. In the first 18 months of Trump’s term, job growth averaged a healthy 193,000 per month, but during Obama’s last 18 months job growth equaled an even more robust 206,000.

"Over the most recent 12 months of Trump’s presidency, average hourly wages grew 2.5 percent, but under Obama in his last year, hourly wages grew 2.9 percent.

"No matter how you cut it, Trump’s economic performance, while laudable, is clearly far less than his hyperbolic rhetoric would have us believe.

"Trump’s desperate to try to prevent a Democrat takeover of Congress in the November elections. He’s reaching for every point of distinction he can find. He will not find much to crow about."     Ken D. - Swarthmore, Pa.


Our Twitter President

Sick of the daily, mindless barrage of Twitter messages yet?  Even before we had a President who abused social media as his primary communication channel I will admit I was sick of Twitter.  My early dislike for the platform has not changed - and with the Donald's help my thoughts and opinion about those who use it have become even more negative. Over the first 550 days of Trump's disastrous term in office he's launched some 1,624 "Tweets" already this year...an average of 8 per day.  4,084 Tweets since taking office.  There is even a website that archives every one of the Donald's 34,419 pathetic messages he's posted on Twitter dating back to 2009.  Over the past year & half Trump has posted 129 Tweets attacking his predecessor, 138 Tweets disparaging Hillary Clinton...likely because she received nearly 3 million more votes than Trump.  

Exactly who is his audience?  The media, be it Fox or the rest of the news organizations that Trump lumps into his broad category of "fake news", all seem to cover his daily posts.  But why?  There are some 69 million Twitter accounts in the US of A which means less than a quarter of Americans are following Trump's daily rants, and many analysts say only half of the Twitter accounts are "active"...so why do Trump's mindless, factually challenged missives garner such attention?  I've wondered about that for years. During the 2016 Presidential Campaign I mistakenly thought it was a good thing that the Donald's harebrained communiqués got such widespread coverage and provided evidence to the voting public that he was unfit for office.  Well, I was not counting on 40% of registered voters to sit on their hands and stay home on election day.  Trump's daily tirade delivers fuel for his base of 37% of voters...but why are the rest of us allowing this to happen?  Can you spell i-m-p-e-a-c-h-m-e-n-t?  Yet I realize he's not on the ballot for the 2018 mid-term elections, and our current focus shouldn't be on the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave...rather, the focus needs to be finding ways to neutralize him.

One positive aspect of Trump's Twitter War is the way it reveals & documents his many inconsistencies and flaws.  The record documents how wrong he is on so many topics & issues, and how juvenile his attacks are on those he disagrees with ("the losers & haters").  There are nearly as many examples of Trump's erroneous messages as there are Trump Tweets, in total, but here are few for context: "Nobody has more respect for women than Donald Trump!" (3/26/16), and, "Barack Obama's birth certificate is a fraud," (8/6/12).  An entire website is devoted to Trumps frequent "flip/flops" and issues big & small.  Need some levity on a typically frustrating news day?  Bookmark the following: TrumpCriticizesTrump, or 'President Flip Flops' - Wear Trump's Contradictory Tweets on Your Feet.

Sure, we Americans can find humor - that inevitable silver lining - in any situation, no matter how nasty and dangerous Trump may be.  But I worry more that Trump’s Twitter threats put American credibility on the line and ruin our status as that bright shining light on a hill to the rest of the world.  Recent trips to NATO conference and his "secret summit" with Putin have been the source of dozens of deranged tweets by the President.  (I still have trouble referring to him using that title).  But his Tweets of late have been fact-checked and rebuked.  "Over four days, false claims dominated Trump's Twitter feed" writes the Washington Post in a captivating article.  His base in particular need to read it.  He is an embarrassment...and just like during the 2016 election, I keep hoping the American electorate is paying serious attention and votes these creepy people out of office...but I was wrong then...hoping that I'm not wrong now. 
posted 07.24.18


The Links Between The Men Behind Brexit & The Trump Campaign & Russia

Trump Lies About Russian Involvement...read on.

As Rachel Maddow would say: it is time for all good Americans to buckle-up and pay attention.  The facts have been trickling out for quite some time about our 2016 election and while we have a long way to go to get all the facts out, it is painfully obvious that evil doers have been up to mischief for years, and the dots are beginning to align and come into focus.  We are certainly well beyond viewing these reports as "fake news" or a hoax or a witch hunt.  This week the NY Times reported that Donald Trump was informed prior to the inauguration that our intelligence community had proof of Russian meddling and Vladimir Putin's involvement.  That means that our President has been lying to the American public the entire time he's been in office with each of his Tweets and speeches disparaging the so-called Mueller investigation or attempting to discredit our nation's intelligence community.  Shameful.  But for the 37% who still support Mr. Trump there is even more news for them to chew on and consider.

British journalist Carole Cadwalladr of The Guardian and The Observer has revealed how the data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica accessed the personal information of tens of millions of Facebook users to influence voters in favor of the Brexit and Donald Trump campaigns.  Cadwalladr spoke with National Public Radio's Terry Gross this week and I caught the interview on Fresh Air while out watering our lawn and washing the driveway/sidewalk lights at our home here at High Point.  Thanks to the magic of the internet machine you too can hear this interview or if you prefer, read the freaking text.  It is shocking to say the least.

"There [are] absolute parallels and overlaps between what happened in Brexit and what happened in the Trump campaign," Cadwalladr told Terry Gross.  "And that was one of the sort of very first things that alerted me when I first started looking at this 20 months ago was this very, very clear overlap of individuals."  

"So Robert Mercer, he's the billionaire hedge fund owner who was the main donor of Trump's presidential campaign. He's also the one who bought Cambridge Analytica, the company that I first started investigating for its role in the referendum. And so that was a very clear link. Steve Bannon, of course, he was Trump's campaign manager. He was a vice president for Cambridge Analytica."  Bet you had no idea Bannon opened a Breitbart Media office in London in 2012.  Why would they do that given the financial constraints the fledgling conservative media venue was under? 

I urge everyone who missed the interview to listen or read the text of the interview from links above and ask yourself: is it not suspicious that Russia was involved in both the Brexit vote and Trump's electoral college victory?  Is it not pathetic that we have a President who intentionally abuses our nation's intelligence and law enforcement communities, conflates issues surrounding the Mueller Investigation, threatens to fire his Assistant Attorney General...now that we KNOW that he's known the truth since January 2017?

A President who is under investigation should not be permitted to nominate our next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.  What exactly is it that Russians have on the Donald that cause him to favor Russian interests over American interests?

Trump Defeated !

If you were watching the news, you noticed.  Presidents Putin and Trump emerged from their 2-hour "secret summit" and enter the public press conference sporting dramatically different expressions and body language.  As you can see from my collection of news photos that it looks as if the Donald has been spanked, much of the bluster and arrogance beaten out of him.  Putin was smiling, standing tall & proud while Mr. Trump, shoulders slouched, eyes puffy, expression stoic, shows signs he's been defeated in their 2-hours of private "talks".  He seemed to know that he dare not show any disrespect to President Putin...and no one has any evidence that this is not true.  There was no one other than an interpreter present in these meetings who can testify as to the topics or discussion that transpired, though many suspect the Russians actually recorded the event.  The media, and general public were outraged the way Trump bashed NATO the previous weekend, and deferred to Putin at every turn at their "secret summit".  Even a handful of Republicans expressed concern - but already their voices have gone silent.

And, the chances are most folks in America did not notice or pay attention.  The majority of Americans were not watching.  Only a fraction of our adult population knows what the heck is going on - they have tuned-out and gradually have stopped following the news.  Nearly 40% of registered voters skipped the 2016 election, and 66 percent of Facebook users get news there, according to a recent Pew Research study. Seriously, they get their news from social media???  Think about that.  If you fall into that camp you're not alone - some 62 percent of American adults get their news from social media.  Why is that?  Is it because it's just so darned difficult to watch a regular news broadcast or read a newspaper?  Can you name more than one member of Trump's cabinet?  Do you even know the name of your representatives in Congress?  Odds are you can't...or your neighbors can't.  Have you any clue what the "Steele Dossier" is or what it's about?  Have you bothered to read the indictments of the 12 Russians accused of meddling in our 2016 election?  If not, why not Google it now - find a news source and sit down and read...it's only 29-pgs.  (Ok, for those who do want to read the document but are concerned they may not be able to find it, here's a link to the Time magazine website - you can read it there.)  These are dangerous times in America folks...you need to put the "smart phone" down and pick-up a paper...and read ! 

What A Disgrace!

This week the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees conducted a joint grilling of FBI Agent Peter Strzok who has come under fire for sending anti-Trump texts during the early days of investigations.  The right-wing conservative faction in the House is attempting obviously to discredit the Justice Department and the FBI fearing that the investigations are threatening to disrupt their "majority" status and weaken their grip on the White House & Congress.  Unfortunately their attack-dog strategy has back-fired and has brought little more than shame to the Republican Party.  Democratic strategists had to be the only folks happy with this regrettable display by members of the GOP who claim to be conducting their ongoing joint investigation into the DOJ's actions during the 2016 election. The Republicans are giving their voter base very few good reasons to re-elect any of them!

It was obvious the GOP  members of these committees were not interested in learning anything, or about truth, or giving a 20+ year veteran of the FBI a fair opportunity to testify. Repeatedly the GOP rudely cut-off Mr. Strzok's responses during his 8+ hours of testimony.  Louise & I watched most of it live - around 5 pm I was about to vomit having heard just about all I could take and went outdoors to tackle a few chores, then when appetite returned & tummy settled down we ate dinner and then resumed viewing the so-called "hearing". Mr. Strzok spent over 8-hrs testifying - and it was quite remarkable that he maintained a cool head during the hostile questions...which were quite repetitive as each Republican wanted to create a video clip for their next re-election campaign or local news coverage back home.  While Republicans claimed Strzok was "biased" they could not produce any examples or explain how that so-called bias was manifested...the hearing had the same feel as a Trump campaign rally where he urges the audience to chant: "lock-her-up" in unison.  

We saw certifiable wing-nut Louie Gohmert, a Republican from Texas, accusing Strzok of lying under oath. Chair Trey Gowdy returned to his Benghazi hearing attack-dog form even though the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz basically gave Strzok a favorable assessment in his report 5-weeks ago. Gowdy claimed the text messages Strzok had send to co-workers represented bias...Strzok said his messages, while crude and regrettable in many ways, merely reflected his personal political opinions - of which all citizens are entitled to.  I agree whole-heartedly.  The Republicans are merely groping at straws as the Mueller Investigation continues to find evidence of wrongdoing.

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan continued his infamous hyper critical, attack-style questioning displayed in the previously mentioned Benghazi/Clinton email investigation - which went on for 2-1/2 years and bought ZERO indictments but cost the American taxpayers $30 million*.  Interesting how Jordan is now the subject of his own scandal - allegedly ignoring reports of inappropriate sexual advances at Ohio State Univ. where Jordan served as an assistant wrestling coach years ago. 

The "Russian Investigation" has already lead to 32 indictments and secured five guilty pleas already...likely many, many more to come.  Today the Justice Department announced indictments against 12 Russian nationals, just as The Donald is traveling to meet with his pal Putin. The 12 defendants are members of the GRU who are accused of engaging in a "sustained effort" to hack Democrats' emails and computer networks.

Thankfully there are quite a few Democrats on these committees and they largely performed well and brought a tiny bit of sanity to the hearing.  Former Law Enforcement officer and relative newcomer to the US House, Val Demings (D-FL), and several others including Jamie Raskin (D-MD), David Cicilline (D-RI), Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL), and Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) used their time wisely at the hearing...completely lambasting their GOP colleagues for not spending their time and resources on issues that most Americans are more concerned about like immigration reform, gun violence, and more. (Yes, the links above capture video clips of their questions/comments at the hearing thanks to YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Hw8oIsppWk

This House Hearing farce is a sickening display of our political process...hopefully our citizens will take appropriate action this November and vote all Republicans out of office.  It is a fate they deserve & earned.  


Notes: Cost estimates of $30 million for the combined Benghazi & Clinton email investigations were compiled by conservative American Thinker magazine.

A Little Kindness Makes A World Of Difference

Documentary films typically have a short run at our local movie theatre, so when we read that a new film about Fred Rogers, Won't You Be My Neighbor, was in town we figured we'd better not delay.  So glad we followed our own sage instincts and saw the film - it's fabulous!  In fact, we like it so much we think when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts votes for the next Oscar awards they can save a lot of time & energy and just give 'em all to Won't You Be My Neighbor.  Best picture, best documentary, best direction, acting, sound, music, etc ... hands-down. 

Boys & girls...it is a sensational film. Made us choke-up a bit & shed a tear, and enjoy many laughs & smiles. Loved the history of the program and how the film maker ridiculed political conservatives for they way they dissed Fred Rogers, PBS, and the program over the years.  Like when Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade called Rogers: “This evil, evil man has ruined a generation of kids.”  Such a negative comment.  (Full quote is offered on a separate page - click here if you care to read it.)  And how about the focus on learning to embrace, not resist, change. While kindness and empathy are in short supply today, it need not be that way, Mr. Rogers taught us.  Ironic how a portion of the very 1st episode back in 1968 advocated peace & goodwill rather than intolerance and building walls and culture wars.  It goes to show how timeless and spot-on the show really was....50-yrs ago!

It was also nice meeting Fred Rogers' wife and two sons who appeared in the documentary as well as seeing Susan Stamberg, former host of National Public Radio's All Things Considered.  She's such a lovely woman - she retired too young.  Fred Rogers died in 2003 at age 74. 

coming up this winter: Tom Hanks to star in Mister Rogers bio-pic "You Are My Friend".

...Trump admits he paid hush money to a porn star...

Why is that not the end of this really terrible story and episode of shameful American politics???  Why is he still residing in the White House?  Why has Mike Pence not taken over for the disgraced former reality TV host? 

Republicans wanted to roast President Obama for relying on a teleprompter when making public speeches...they wanted to jail Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server...but they look the other way when it comes to the daily embarrassment that is Donald J. Trump.  Hypocrites. 

...he’s still the most popular Republican among Republican voters...

The reference is to the Donald..."still popular" among the GOP faithful even after all of his bluster, lies, demeaning comments, threats of trade wars, insults, and likely illegal activity.  At least that's what was said in a recent USA Today article that attempted to bring some clarity to our political scene in America some 400+ days into the disastrous Trump Presidency.  While reading this nonsense I couldn't help think about Garry Trudeau's excellent Doonesbury cartoon published just the day before: 

reprinted without permission - political cartoon published Sunday 04.22.18 in major media, globally. The vast majority of Republicans are proving they are little more than freaking hypocrites.  If you'd like to share this viewpoint with others here's a direct link to an archive of: Doonesbury - Trudeau's award winning cartoon.

posted 04.24.18

Trump's Ill-Advised Tariffs Will Cost Americans Jobs

Hard to tell what the President's real intent is when his focus seems to be to simply "un-do" all the good things accomplished during the previous administration.  Trump's campaign pledge to bring jobs back - particularly "coal jobs" has been proven countless times to be flawed logic...there are more US workers supporting solar power businesses than we have in businesses that produce US coal.  The majority of solar jobs are non-manufacturing, focused on design, service and installation of clean energy systems that continue to sprout nationwide, so his tariff on solar panels makes no sense.

The Donald also threatens the world with trade wars with his steel & aluminum tariffs - even though the American consumer is the one who will pay higher prices for any product that uses steel or aluminum.  His administration opposed the idea as have most everyone in Congress.  When is this nonsense going to end???  Impeach Trump now!

Rachel Maddow Awarded Two Emmys

Detroit Free Press reports: "Rachel Maddow continues her hot streak, as “The Rachel Maddow Show” finished the third quarter as the highest-rated cable news show. Her show got 2.7 million total viewers, topping both Fox News and CNN in the time slot in overall viewers and adults aged 25 to 54. It marks the first quarter that an MSNBC show has ranked No. 1 for all of cable news. The numbers for “Maddow” represent a 75 percent increase over the third quarter in 2016."

"Rachel Maddow's efforts to bring attention to the Flint water crisis have earned her an Emmy. The MSNBC host took home the gold for outstanding news discussion and analysis at Thursday night's News and Documentary Emmy Awards from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.  Maddow was one of the early voices in network cable news to bring Flint's contaminated water to national attention. Maddow's aggressive coverage of Flint reflects a style that has brought her to the top of the ratings heaps."  That, and Rachel and her staff dwell on facts & truth unlike most Republicans and social conservatives.

"In July, she became the first non-Fox News host to grab the top ratings spot since October 2001 and the days of CNN's Larry King, according to the Associated Press. Maddow's show nabbed two Emmys total. It also was honored for outstanding live interview for an episode featuring a one-on-one with Kellyanne Conway, currently a White House counselor to President Donald Trump."

Jobs Growth That Began Under President Obama Continues

It is nearly a daily occurrence for the Donald or his spokespeople (Conway, Huckabee-Sanders) to attempt to discredit or attack the previous administration.  Typically, facts tell a completely different story like in the case of the economy & jobs.  "We inherited a real mess," Trump says over and over.  The fact is, what the Democrats inherited in 2009 was a government that had driven our economy into the ditch with 2 unfunded tax cuts, 2 unfunded wars, and unfunded Medicare drug benefits.  Republicans added nearly 10 trillion to our national debt and had the audacity of blaming President Obama...now they're adding another trillion to our nation's debt thanks to the Trump "tax cut". 
originally posted 10.08.17

See related story in Mike's "archive": Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Have A Ball!

Perhaps it's a simple form of escapism, but as the Trump administration proceeds on it's path to destroy life on Earth as we once knew it, the US Postal Service introduces some fun new postage stamps.  "Have A Ball!" Forever Stamps - meaning, it will always be worth what it costs to send one 1st class item - even if you misplace it for decades.  Louise picked-up a sheet of the new stamps the other day at our local post office....they feature balls used in baseball, basketball, football, golf, kickball, soccer, tennis and volleyball. For those of you who stopped mailing anything when you got your "smartphone" the postal service is where you go to send a letter or a package.

This information is being shared with the hope that a few folks who have clamored to "make America great again" will realize that we already are great.  Some 30% of Americans who don't actually follow the news because they think it's all "fake" or a "hoax" but this item is actually true and can be verified.  Try it out for yourself...first, write someone a letter - maybe a relative like your favorite Aunt who wonders if anyone still cares for her.  Next, march right down to the local post office near you while we still have 'em and buy a freaking stamp!   Step 3:  attach stamp to letter and deposit same in mail slot or mailbox designed for out-going correspondence.

Louise said the clerk was excited to share her observation that a special coating was applied to selected areas of the stamps during the printing process which gives them a texture that mimics the feel of a baseball’s stitching, or a golf ball’s dimples.  Cute.  Best value on Earth for just 49¢

Sidebar:  "So Mike...when are you going to get over it and stop with the Trump bashing?"  Answer: never.  The guy is a joke and dangerous; if he does not start World War 3 we'll be lucky.  He needs to be removed from office - until that happens none of us can remain silent.


If You Voted For Him, You Share In The Blame

The New York Times published a full page ad recently to list the many lies and inaccurate statements made by the Donald in just his first 6 months in office.  The ad, and companion news article,   ignores the previous years of nonsense that Trump uttered during his campaign for office.  The Times wanted to focus only upon those things the Donald has said or Tweeted about since just January 20th of this year.  Stuart Thompson, graphics designer for the NY Times says: "We wanted to put Trump's Lies in print...and I needed an entire page to do it."  It's worth reading. 
Online link
Full text alternative.

Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a complete, unprofessional meltdown yesterday (6/27/17) while addressing the White House press corps. Fortunately, the session was video recorded and documented. When asked to comment on the inaccurate work by a few CNN reporters & their resignations, Sarah said: "I don’t know if that response is good enough,” Sanders said Tuesday to the softball question tossed out by a Breitbart journalist.  "It’s the barrage of fake news directed at the president that has garnered his frustration ... We have gone to a place where if the media can’t be trusted to report the news, then that’s a dangerous place for America."  Seriously?  Given the documented list of White House & Trump gaffes in their first six months of office Sarah's label "fake news" is highly misplaced & laughable.  She referred to the pending Justice Department and Congressional investigations as "the Russia, Trump-hoax" and then promoted another shameful video investigation by defamed, disgraced faux-journalist James O'Keefe.  (Remember his manufactured, inaccurate expose on ACORN...or his flawed attack on Planned Parenthood?)  Yeah, right, Sarah...let's all dwell on the nonsense O'Keefe produces.   And Barack Obama is actually a citizen of Kenya.

What's really rich is the actual news about some "really fake news" - another self-inflicted wound by the Donald reported by The Washington Post: "The framed copy of Time magazine was hung up in at least five of President Trump’s clubs, from South Florida to Scotland. This cover — dated March 1, 2009 — looks like an impressive memento from Trump’s pre-presidential career. To club members eating lunch, or golfers waiting for a pro-shop purchase, it seemed to be a signal that Trump had always been a man who mattered. Even when he was just a reality TV star, Trump was the kind of star who got a cover story in Time. But that wasn’t true. The Time cover is a fake. There was no March 1, 2009, issue of Time magazine. And there was no issue at all in 2009 that had Trump on the cover."

How is this all going to end?

posted 06.28.17, revised 06.29.17

The real fake news.

Actually, Donald, America has been losing coal jobs for nearly a century

Today the Donald made good on his campaign pledge to destroy the progress we've made in addressing climate & pollution issues in America over the past decade. Trump signed a sickening Exec Order while visiting the Environmental Protection Agency. He says he wants to curb the federal government's enforcement of climate regulations by putting American jobs above addressing climate change.  Trouble is, as often is the case, the facts do not support the Donald's position - the nation's coal jobs began tanking in the 1920's. See chart above from the US Department of Labor. The Federal Mine Safety & Health Administration acknowledges employment in the coal mining industry peaked 94 years ago and has been on a steady decline ever since.  In 1923, there were 862,536 coal miners working in the USA. Last year, there were only 81,484, a drop-off of 90 percent. (1)  Meanwhile, good paying green energy jobs continue to grow - CNN reports over 209,000 Americans worked in a solar energy job in 2015. They include solar panel installers, designers, & engineers...more than any energy sector including oil & gas (2).

You're guilty, Donald, of pandering to the radical right-wing extremists...and it'll cost the nation.

(1) mining stats - https://arlweb.msha.gov/stats/centurystats/coalstats.asp
(2) CNN - http://money.cnn.com/2016/01/12/news/economy/solar-energy-job-growth-us-economy/
posted 03.28.17

So goes my faith in the American voters.  Actually most of my disgust is aimed at the 42.1% of registered voters who stayed away from the polls on Nov. 8th.  Pathetic.  My anger also extends to the media particularly commercial TV who have shamelessly chased after every Trump "rally" broadcasted free of charge for over a year.  The talking heads universally trashed the man but coverage fueled the racist, alt-right faction of our society.  "Drain the swamp"?   Laughable.  Look at who he's appointed - largely political insiders, all, except for a handful of faithful cast of wing-nuts. 

So now the Trump reality slime-show will be fodder for the next 4-yrs of Evening News and SNL skits.  The Donald meanwhile calls the media coverage of his flawed presidential administration a "witch hunt".  No, Mr. President, that would be the treatment Republicans who employed 4-yrs of shameful Benghazi investigations against Hillary Clinton.  "Lock her up!"   How rich is it now that news has leaked that Mike Pence used private email service while Indiana Governor?   Freaking hypocrites. 

I tried the "blog" thing.  90% or more of the "feedback" received was spam.  Sifting thru the crud to find a nugget or two became a chore...so after neglecting it for quite a while I nuked it.   Saved and archived are some of the previous articles I've written that folks responded to...see the right hand column above.  Mainly these articles will be about news, politics, current events. 
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