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...he’s still the most popular Republican among Republican voters...

The reference is to the Donald..."still popular" among the GOP faithful even after all of his bluster, lies, demeaning comments, threats of trade wars, insults, and likely illegal activity.  At least that's what was said in a recent USA Today article that attempted to bring some clarity to our political scene in America some 400+ days into the disastrous Trump Presidency.  While reading this nonsense I couldn't help think about Garry Trudeau's excellent Doonesbury cartoon published just the day before: 


Bombs Away


Need more pie

Made In The USA

He Lacked

About Mike

reprinted without permission - political cartoon published Sunday 04.22.18 in major media, globally. The vast majority of Republicans are proving they are little more than freaking hypocrites.  If you'd like to share this viewpoint with others here's a direct link to an archive of: Doonesbury - Trudeau's award winning cartoon.

posted 04.24.18

Trump's Ill-Advised Tariffs Will Cost Americans Jobs

Hard to tell what the President's real intent is when his focus seems to be to simply "un-do" all the good things accomplished during the previous administration.  Trump's campaign pledge to bring jobs back - particularly "coal jobs" has been proven countless times to be flawed logic...there are more US workers supporting solar power businesses than we have in businesses that produce US coal.  The majority of solar jobs are non-manufacturing, focused on design, service and installation of clean energy systems that continue to sprout nationwide, so his tariff on solar panels makes no sense.

The Donald also threatens the world with trade wars with his steel & aluminum tariffs - even though the American consumer is the one who will pay higher prices for any product that uses steel or aluminum.  His administration opposed the idea as have most everyone in Congress.  When is this nonsense going to end???  Impeach Trump now!

In 406 days, President Trump has made 2,436 false or misleading claims

Uninformed American voters are the reason the world has to put up with Trump

Updated April 2, 2018
Some news analysts have concluded President Trump averages 5 misstatements or mangled truths every day.  And to make matters worse, Trump often repeats the same false statements dozens of times - and often more often than that.  Said another way: The Donald lies on average, five times daily.  How can his base....roughly 37% of American voters, still support this lying disruptive egotistical jerk?   I realize his minority base of supporters will not bother to read the details at the link below, but it may be handy to bookmark the article below and be prepared to counter-punch your weird & argumentative Uncle Harry or your equally mindless Aunt Jane with something they rarely are confronted with: FACTS


Originally posted by Mike on 11.08.17.   Since then we have multiple current and or former Trump officials pleading guilty to crimes, and many more indicted - with over a dozen Trump officials testifying before Congressional and/or FBI investigative panels.  This may be the most shameful period of American politics since Watergate & easily surpasses the 8-yrs of GWB (2 unfunded wars, 2 unfunded tax cuts, + unfunded Medicare drug benefits).  Another fun fact...how many days has this creep spent at his golfing resort facilities since he's been in office?  Hint: over 16 trips to Mar-a-Lago alone in his first year in office. Reminds of the trash talk Republicans and Fox News used to spew about President Obama's travel during his Presidency.

USA Today Editorial Board Trashes President Trump With Cause & Facts

Our view: One year later, Trump steers nation into turbulence....When you’re on an airplane, you want the pilot to succeed.

"So one year ago today, when Donald Trump was elected president, the Editorial Board hoped we were wrong to have declared him, in the campaign’s final weeks, unfit for the White House.

"We hoped that Trump could, as he promised during the Republican primaries, become “more disciplined” and “so presidential, you will be so bored.”

"And we hoped that, once in office, he would reach out beyond his core supporters, govern in an inclusive fashion and — yes — tone down his Twitter tirades. We were encouraged on election night when he said, “It is time for us to come together as one united people.”

"One fifth of the way into Trump’s four-year term, however, it is glaringly and alarmingly apparent that he is incapable of any such pivot. He remains ill-equipped for the Oval Office, divisive in his conduct and contemptuous of constitutional values.

"Every time the president hits what is declared a “new low,” a new “new low” isn’t far behind: Seeing “very fine people” among white supremacists marching in Charlottesville, Va. Calling NFL protesters SOBs who ought to be fired. Threatening to yank the broadcast licenses of critical TV stations. Threatening at the United Nations to “totally destroy” North Korea, a nation of 25 million people. Getting into a disagreement with a Gold Star widow.

"The most egregious abuses of power involve Trump’s efforts to undermine the rule of law: Firing FBI Director James Comey, who declined to pledge loyalty or to lay off former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Pardoning law-breaking Sheriff Joe Arpaio. And, just last week, calling the U.S. criminal justice system “a joke” while renewing pressure on the Justice Department to investigate political foes.

"Though we disagree with many of the president’s policies — particularly the way he has undermined U.S. credibility abroad by repudiating the Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear deal — our objections have far less to do with ideology than with basic qualities of temperament and integrity. Inside accounts consistently describe an impulsive president who seethes as he watches cable news, and he continues to lie with impunity.

"All presidents, of course, have been known to shade the truth. But Trump has taken mendacity to a whole new level. By one count, he has made false or misleading claims at an average of five per day.

"With each falsehood, Trump’s word carries less respect, an intolerable circumstance for a sitting president. This dishonesty is compounded by self-absorption, family enrichment and a continuing lack of transparency about his personal finances.

"Taken together, these traits lead to the same question that Gen. David Petraeus asked a journalist after the United States invaded Iraq in 2003: “Tell me how this ends.”

"Even as Trump’s presidency appears increasingly unsustainable, the answer isn’t readily apparent.

"Perhaps special counsel Robert Mueller will assemble an obstruction of justice case. Perhaps Trump’s base will begin to erode as he fails to deliver on campaign promises. Perhaps more Republicans will break ranks, the way Sens. Bob Corker and Jeff Flake have done, and begin to regard Vice President Pence as a stable alternative.

"Or perhaps Captain Trump will remain at the controls for the foreseeable future, taking the nation and the world on a turbulent, frightening ride. In that case, it would behoove Republicans who put country ahead of party to prepare to break into the cockpit."


Rachel Maddow Awarded Two Emmys

Detroit Free Press reports: "Rachel Maddow continues her hot streak, as “The Rachel Maddow Show” finished the third quarter as the highest-rated cable news show. Her show got 2.7 million total viewers, topping both Fox News and CNN in the time slot in overall viewers and adults aged 25 to 54. It marks the first quarter that an MSNBC show has ranked No. 1 for all of cable news. The numbers for “Maddow” represent a 75 percent increase over the third quarter in 2016."

"Rachel Maddow's efforts to bring attention to the Flint water crisis have earned her an Emmy. The MSNBC host took home the gold for outstanding news discussion and analysis at Thursday night's News and Documentary Emmy Awards from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.  Maddow was one of the early voices in network cable news to bring Flint's contaminated water to national attention. Maddow's aggressive coverage of Flint reflects a style that has brought her to the top of the ratings heaps."  That, and Rachel and her staff dwell on facts & truth unlike most Republicans and social conservatives.

"In July, she became the first non-Fox News host to grab the top ratings spot since October 2001 and the days of CNN's Larry King, according to the Associated Press. Maddow's show nabbed two Emmys total. It also was honored for outstanding live interview for an episode featuring a one-on-one with Kellyanne Conway, currently a White House counselor to President Donald Trump."

Jobs Growth Streak Ends On Donald's Watch*

It is nearly a daily occurrence for the Donald or his spokespeople (Conway, Huckabee-Sanders, Spicer) to attempt to discredit or attack the previous administration.  Typically, facts tell a completely different story like in the case of the economy & jobs.  "We inherited a real mess," Trump says over and over.  The fact is, what the Democrats inherited in 2009 was a government that had driven our economy into the ditch with 2 unfunded tax cuts, 2 unfunded wars, and unfunded Medicare drug benefits.  Republicans added nearly 10 trillion to our national debt and had the audacity of blaming President Obama.  The Democrats skillfully navigated around and through assorted land mines and pot holes blown out by the last Republican administration.  Below is a summary of the nation's jobs situation for the past decade - revised November 3rd, 2017 (see below).

originally posted 10.08.17

*UPDATE: 11.03.17  The November jobs report revised the previous two months of labor & employment data - it turns out the Bureau of Labor Statistics says: "the change for September was revised up from negative 33,000 to positive 18,000."  That's good news - 85 consecutive months of job growth that began in 2010 during the Obama administration.  No, Donald, it's not fake news - the previous administration left things in much better shape than the previous Republican administration.  Doubt it?  Read it yourself at... https://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm

See related story in Mike's "archive": Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Have A Ball!

Perhaps it's a simple form of escapism, but as the Trump administration proceeds on it's path to destroy life on Earth as we once knew it, the US Postal Service introduces some fun new postage stamps.  "Have A Ball!" Forever Stamps - meaning, it will always be worth what it costs to send one 1st class item - even if you misplace it for decades.  Louise picked-up a sheet of the new stamps the other day at our local post office....they feature balls used in baseball, basketball, football, golf, kickball, soccer, tennis and volleyball. For those of you who stopped mailing anything when you got your "smartphone" the postal service is where you go to send a letter or a package.

This information is being shared with the hope that a few folks who have clamored to "make America great again" will realize that we already are great.  Some 30% of Americans who don't actually follow the news because they think it's all "fake" or a "hoax" but this item is actually true and can be verified.  Try it out for yourself...first, write someone a letter - maybe a relative like your favorite Aunt who wonders if anyone still cares for her.  Next, march right down to the local post office near you while we still have 'em and buy a freaking stamp!   Step 3:  attach stamp to letter and deposit same in mail slot or mailbox designed for out-going correspondence.

Louise said the clerk was excited to share her observation that a special coating was applied to selected areas of the stamps during the printing process which gives them a texture that mimics the feel of a baseball’s stitching, or a golf ball’s dimples.  Cute.  Best value on Earth for just 49

Sidebar:  "So Mike...when are you going to get over it and stop with the Trump bashing?"  Answer: never.  The guy is a joke and dangerous; if he does not start World War 3 we'll be lucky.  He needs to be removed from office - until that happens none of us can remain silent.


If You Voted For Him, You Share In The Blame

The New York Times published a full page ad recently to list the many lies and inaccurate statements made by the Donald in just his first 6 months in office.  The ad, and companion news article,   ignores the previous years of nonsense that Trump uttered during his campaign for office.  The Times wanted to focus only upon those things the Donald has said or Tweeted about since just January 20th of this year.  Stuart Thompson, graphics designer for the NY Times says: "We wanted to put Trump's Lies in print...and I needed an entire page to do it."  It's worth reading. 
Online link
Full text alternative.

Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a complete, unprofessional meltdown yesterday (6/27/17) while addressing the White House press corps. Fortunately, the session was video recorded and documented. When asked to comment on the inaccurate work by a few CNN reporters & their resignations, Sarah said: "I don’t know if that response is good enough,” Sanders said Tuesday to the softball question tossed out by a Breitbart journalist.  "It’s the barrage of fake news directed at the president that has garnered his frustration ... We have gone to a place where if the media can’t be trusted to report the news, then that’s a dangerous place for America."  Seriously?  Given the documented list of White House & Trump gaffes in their first six months of office Sarah's label "fake news" is highly misplaced & laughable.  She referred to the pending Justice Department and Congressional investigations as "the Russia, Trump-hoax" and then promoted another shameful video investigation by defamed, disgraced faux-journalist James O'Keefe.  (Remember his manufactured, inaccurate expose on ACORN...or his flawed attack on Planned Parenthood?)  Yeah, right, Sarah...let's all dwell on the nonsense O'Keefe produces.   And Barack Obama is actually a citizen of Kenya.

What's really rich is the actual news about some "really fake news" - another self-inflicted wound by the Donald reported by The Washington Post: "The framed copy of Time magazine was hung up in at least five of President Trump’s clubs, from South Florida to Scotland. This cover — dated March 1, 2009 — looks like an impressive memento from Trump’s pre-presidential career. To club members eating lunch, or golfers waiting for a pro-shop purchase, it seemed to be a signal that Trump had always been a man who mattered. Even when he was just a reality TV star, Trump was the kind of star who got a cover story in Time. But that wasn’t true. The Time cover is a fake. There was no March 1, 2009, issue of Time magazine. And there was no issue at all in 2009 that had Trump on the cover."

How is this all going to end?

posted 06.28.17, revised 06.29.17

The real fake news.

Actually, Donald, America has been losing coal jobs for nearly a century

Today the Donald made good on his campaign pledge to destroy the progress we've made in addressing climate & pollution issues in America over the past decade. Trump signed a sickening Exec Order while visiting the Environmental Protection Agency. He says he wants to curb the federal government's enforcement of climate regulations by putting American jobs above addressing climate change.  Trouble is, as often is the case, the facts do not support the Donald's position - the nation's coal jobs began tanking in the 1920's. See chart above from the US Department of Labor. The Federal Mine Safety & Health Administration acknowledges employment in the coal mining industry peaked 94 years ago and has been on a steady decline ever since.  In 1923, there were 862,536 coal miners working in the USA. Last year, there were only 81,484, a drop-off of 90 percent. (1)  Meanwhile, good paying green energy jobs continue to grow - CNN reports over 209,000 Americans worked in a solar energy job in 2015. They include solar panel installers, designers, & engineers...more than any energy sector including oil & gas (2).

You're guilty, Donald, of pandering to the radical right-wing extremists...and it'll cost the nation.

(1) mining stats - https://arlweb.msha.gov/stats/centurystats/coalstats.asp
(2) CNN - http://money.cnn.com/2016/01/12/news/economy/solar-energy-job-growth-us-economy/
posted 03.28.17

Immigration Debate
Uninformed voters. They are one of three groups of people I blame for the much of the mess we're in these days. America has too many folks who are too lazy to bother reading the news or keeping up with events in the world. If they consume any broadcast summaries on TV they likely are from Fox...or listeners of rants on right-wing-nut talk radio. For example, let's take Trump's signature "build a wall" campaign slogan. The trouble with this rant is it does not align with the facts.  2.5 million people were deported from the U.S. during the Obama administration - more illegal immigrant deportees were tossed out of America over the past 8-yr than any other previous administration. (1)

Yet Donald Trump opted to ignore the facts and truth as he reiterated his pledge throughout his campaign to build a wall along the southern border and promised that Mexico would pay for construction.  Donald ignores the truth that fewer than half of America's undocumented immigrants came through the Southern border. Most of our undocumented immigrants came to the USA LEGALLY from a variety of entry points, but over-stayed their visa. Again, facts be damned, Trump was leveraging voters' hate and racist tendencies as well as the electorate's laziness and ignorance. It was far easier for some to blame others for their own failures in life and simply buy into the misconception that America was being over taken by foreigners - people were taking "their jobs" - and succumb to the scare tactics espoused on alt-right-talk radio and Fox News.  "Make America Great Again" became their slogan - never mind that the majority of Americans think the nation has always been great.

Right-wing voters also claim America has become unsafe despite evidence to the contrary.  But the fact is under the Obama administration, more illegal immigrants were deported and more border agents were employed than at any time in our nation's history. The number of border agents steadily rose from 2009 through 2016; an average of more than 20,733 agents patrolled our borders. During the 8-yrs of GWB the average was 11,849. (2)

Trump voters also ignore the legislative battle we've witnessed the past several years as the Republican controlled House refused to even bring the Senate's bi-partisan bill to the floor for debate or a vote. Yet virtually all of the GOP clown-car-of-candidates campaigned on the premise that some form of immigration reform was essential.  Hypocrites.

Recently, Robert Segal from National Public Radio offered an excellent historical summary of how America's immigration situation got to the point we're now at on NPR's All Things Considered.  You owe it to yourself to listen - the piece is just 8-minutes long, and in the summary Segal provides is a fact-based, concise roadmap.  Before you do anything else, please listen to the podcast: "How Did We Get To 11 Million Unauthorized Immigrants?" http://www.npr.org/2017/03/07/518201210/how-did-we-get-to-11-million-unauthorized-immigrants

(1) http://www.snopes.com/obama-deported-more-people/
(2) https://www.cbp.gov/sites/default/files/assets/documents/2016-Oct/BP%20Staffing%20FY1992-FY2016.pdf
Photo caption & credits from the NPR website: "U.S. Border Patrolmen Steve Shields (left) and Ed Pyeatt march five people to a holding center in Texas shortly after their apprehension in the desert in 1981. Lennox McLendon/AP."

So goes my faith in the American voters.  Actually most of my disgust is aimed at the 42.1% of registered voters who stayed away from the polls on Nov. 8th.  Pathetic.  My anger also extends to the media particularly commercial TV who have shamelessly chased after every Trump "rally" broadcasted free of charge for over a year.  The talking heads universally trashed the man but coverage fueled the racist, alt-right faction of our society.  "Drain the swamp"?   Laughable.  Look at who he's appointed - largely political insiders, all, except for a handful of Bannon's faithful cast of wing-nuts. 

So now the Trump reality slime-show will be fodder for the next 4-yrs of Evening News and SNL skits.  The Donald meanwhile calls the media coverage of his flawed presidential administration a "witch hunt".  No, Mr. President, that would be the treatment Republicans who employed 4-yrs of shameful Benghazi investigations against Hillary Clinton.  "Lock her up!"   How rich is it now that news has leaked that Mike Pence used private email service while Indiana Governor?   Freaking hypocrites. 

I tried the "blog" thing.  90% or more of the "feedback" received was spam.  Sifting thru the crud to find a nugget or two became a chore...so after neglecting it for quite a while I nuked it.   Saved and archived are some of the previous articles I've written that folks responded to...see the right hand column above.  Mainly these articles will be about news, politics, current events. 
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