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Grace M. Dawson
1924 -2017

May 12, 2017
Mares Eat Oats....a video clip >

We've updated the "recently discovered photos" album below with more Dawson family photos - many of these came from Tom's photo-slide picture frame given to Mom many years ago while she was still living in Oscoda.   

The last batch of "new" photos have been distributed in the appropriate album.  So dig in!  Select a picture below & explore.  If any of these images cause you concern call me & I'll probably remove the picture(s) in question.  The hosting software (Google+) is neat but it picks up dates each photo was captured altered or scanned - I've manually fixed many of the dates but you should take the Google dates with a grain of salt - they are only a ballpark guess.  So, why we using Google+ you ask?  The app is easy to manage & update - and provides a neat way for the user (you) to zoom in on what you're looking for, and offers the ability for you to leave comments & notes. Google also works great for those using mobile or tablet devices.  Security? The only people accessing these images are those who know the URL.  Casual web-surfers will likely not stumble across images of Mike getting a bath in the kitchen sink.  Enjoy!

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