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Grace M. Dawson
1924 -2017

May 12, 2017
Mares Eat Oats....a video clip >

We finally got a deep dive into the mountain of family photos...grouped into time periods or "albums".  Select one below & explore.  But be forewarned - there are a lot of 'em.  Might be wise to brew a fresh pot and cancel any plans you may have had at being productive in other ways.  Also, if any of these images cause you concern...give me a call & I'll probably remove the picture(s) in question.  I'm just now becoming comfortable, barely, with the hosting software (Google+)'s kinda' slick but it's picking up the dates each photo was captured - in this case, it's the date I scanned the picture...I'm still trying to resolve that issue - so take the Google dates with a grain of salt.  Why Google+ you ask?  Previously we posted images here on our web domain & made our own virtual photo albums...but it was a manual process and the format was not that great.  Google+ resizes the images automatically, and is more user friendly, particularly for those using mobile or tablet devices.  Also, the only people accessing these images are those who know the URL.  Casual web-surfers will likely not stumble across images of Mike getting a bath in the kitchen sink.  Anyway...each picture below is a link to an one!  Enjoy.

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