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May 12, 2017
Mares Eat Oats....a video clip >
Mom 2015-2016
Recent photos of Mom & family >
January 2012
Photo-story when solar panels were installed.  We're making about 1/3rd of our annual electricity useage.  Installation photostory >     

Performance tracking - yep, you can snoop and see how we're doing >

Our 1st PV solar panel....we've opted to call it simply ONE.
September, 2011
We ignore radicals on right-wing talk radio attempting to bad-mouth "green energy" or anything related to conservation, or the environment.   "Climate change is a hoax!" they scream - denying science and ignoring logic.  "Environmental-whackos!"  Well, we've done our homework and decided to replace our 23 year-old natural gas furnace with a high-tech alternative: a ground source Geothermal water furnace.  To accommodate the system we had to clear some land and make way for space to bury a series of tubes that captures energy from the earth.   Pictures >
those "slinky" tubes will be vital to our home heating
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