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Google Photos is neat but after these family albums had been posted for several years we began having troubles with format ... which required rebuilding the photo collection.  That provided a chance to re-work to add a few recent albums.  The Google captures the date each photo was originally taken ... but not on images that are scanned.  I've tried to assign dates but you should take 'em with a grain of salt - they are only a ballpark guess. 

Other benefits using Google Photos?  The app provides a neat way for the user (you) to zoom in on what you're looking for such as a particular person, or a period of time, and the Google gives you the ability to leave comments & notes. Security? The only people accessing these images are those who know the URL.  Casual web-surfers will likely not stumble across images of baby Mike getting a bath in the kitchen sink.  (Hey it wasn't my idea!)  Anyway, hope you enjoy.  Hey, what's with that kid below marching about in public without pants or shirt?



 << Grace M. Dawson
1924 -2017
Originally I had posted a cute little movie clip of Mom recalling one of her fav childhood tunes: Mares Eat Oats on YouTube - but the account changed and I seem to have misplaced the file.  While I continue to search for it on some back-up discs, here's another fun little tune Mom liked to repeat..."Show Me The To Go Home" captured 11.08.12.

Mike Dawson
1962 Schwinn Racer story >>

Louise's family liked the above albums for Mike's we created three Gignac family albums:

Anyone who would prefer to NOT see their images on this site, drop me a note and I'll remove 'em lickity-split.
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