What's It Going To Take For Trump's Base To Wake Up?

Perhaps you are among the mindless masses who relies on their "smart phone" and Facebook or Twitter to keep yourself informed of the daily news.  Or perhaps you're among the detached masses who pay no attention to the days news from any source.  If the following headlines are unfamiliar to you - if you have no inkling what the story is about, you have a problem...actually America has a problem because far too many of our citizens have become removed from reality.  Consider what you do or do not know about the following:

  • Trump torpedoes funding bill over border wall (link)
  • Trump torpedoes deal to avoid government shutdown (video link)
  • ‘A morning of alarm’: Mattis departure sends shock waves abroad (link)

If you're asking yourself, or trying to recall who is Mattis?  ...you know you have a problem with current events.  (Answer: General James Mattis, Secretary of Defense - just tendered his resignation in protest of Trump's policies.)

  • Trump move to pull U.S. troops from Syria opens way to turmoil (link)
  • Putin Welcomes U.S. Withdrawal From Syria as ‘Correct’ (link)

So after Trump receives Putin's endorsement on pulling out of Syria, with the US reneging on obligations to ally forces in the region, the Donald receives his next directive from Russia:

  • Afghans, diplomats surprised by report of Trump plan to pull out troops (link)
  • Reality deals more blows to Trump's alternative narrative (link)
  • Stocks slide in second day of declines, Dow falls to 14-month low (link)

The Donald loves to take credit for our economy which was recovering nicely under the Obama administration after the last Republican debacle.  Lately, however our economy has been tanking largely due to Trump's tariffs and the uncertainty that his administration fosters.  Tell me about it...well actually, you don't have to because I track my investments daily...and this morning we're down 10% from the start of the year...which is startling when I consider nearly half of my portfolio is comprised of fixed-income investments (bonds, CD's). 

The havoc Trump and his flawed administration has created is now affecting every aspect of the world.  Global finance, warring in the Middle East, domestic immigration, government funding, Trump's Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen can not answer basic questions at Congressional hearings focused on border security & immigration.  The Mueller investigation that Trump continues to refer to as a "witch hunt" has indicted or received guilty pleas from 33 people.  The latest is Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen.  About to be sentenced is Trump's national security advisor Michael Flynn who was among the first to squeal "guilty" and immediately began telling justice officials all he knows more than a year ago.

There is almost more news than any one person can consume on a daily basis concerning damage this President and his administration have done to our country.  Those who simply shrug their shoulders and mindlessly go about your daily lives pretending that we are not experiencing a crisis are pathetic. Attempting to stay informed through your Facebook account is equally pathetic.   Grow a spine, America, and stay freaking informed!

posted by Mike as a public service (media links to help you regain your self respect & be better informed).

update 12.22.18 - Detroit Free Press opinion editor Brian Dickerson wrote an excellent piece for the Thursday edition (12/20) of the newspaper titled originally "GOP reps hope voters have short memories" - the online version has a new headline for some reason: "These 6 lawmakers hope you'll forget what they did this month".  The topic if you hadn't already surmised from the headlines: GOP is up to their old nasty tricks during this lame duck session in the Michigan legislature. Republicans pulled the same stunt in Wisconsin.  I urge all Michigan residents to read it & share it with others - we need to vote these people out - at least those who will still be serving in public office.  Many of the out-going Republicans who are trying to cram thru their evil legislation should be publicly scorned and shamed.  This past mid-term election the vast majority of votes were cast for Democratic candidates - only gerrymandered districts preserved the GOP majority...for now.  Come 2020 citizens should send the signal that these actions should be further proof that Republicans are unfit to lead or serve.  Period.  Vote 'em all out of office - every office from County Dog Catcher to local school boards!

originally posted 12.21.18  updated 12.22.18