Game of Thrones finale disappointing?  Obsessing over all things Kardashian ... reveals how popular culture is helping erode values of common citizen and our nation

Game of Thrones & Khloe Kardashian ... two headline stories ripped from today's mindless "news feed".  Sorry folks - I'm not a fan of 'popular culture'.  And it's not just because I am not a very hip sort of guy, I actually dislike much of what is popular for specific reasons - like 'excessive violence'.  Matters not if it's movies in the theatres, commercial television, computer games, or music ... I avoid it if the subject involves humans intentionally injuring others for fun, sport or some other rationale.  Heck, I can't even stand watching "Michigan Outdoors" on PBS if it involves hunting Bambi or a turkey shoot. 

Game of ThronesThe Walking Dead?  Never saw - never watch.  I'll watch commercial free PBS, thank you.  Gamers may be addicted to Mortal Kombat or Resident Evil 7 but I'll stick to my 20+ year old computer golf game - Links - it offers enough intrigue and challenge for me ... or a good book.  It always amazes me the stuff that is passed off as "entertainment".  Even the fluff, non-violent garbage like all-things-Kardashian - and why are Kim & Khloe famous for being famous?  What are their positive contributions to mankind?  What have they ever done to warrant attention and such riches?  (Forbes magazine estimates Kim's net worth exceeds $350 million.  Why?)

So many interesting things are available to us in this modern age ... I just don't comprehend why people want to spend any part of their life dwelling on fights, death, destruction, and hurting living things & beings.  The Evening News is filled with examples how aggression by humans is the issue: wars, conflict, violence, guns, death.  How hypocritical some folks on the radical right can be ... attacking a woman's right to make decisions for herself & determine her own reproductive health ... yet supporting a President charged with dozens of cases of sexual assault.  These are likely the same folks who advocate America's gun culture saying they need their AK47 for target practice while displaying their Confederate flags in the rear window of their Monster SUV or pick-up truck.

posted 05.20.19  [We prefer programs on commercial-free PBS like Call the Midwife, American Experience, This Old House, Mystery, American Masters, Masterpiece, Frontline (depending on the subject), Doc Watson, Antiques Roadshow, etc.]   

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