T-206 ... strange name for a baseball card collection

In the late 1800's and early 1900's there were a variety of collectable cards included with merchandise like candy, chewing gum & tobacco products as a "premium".  I'm drawn to the history of these fragile pieces of cardboard produced and distributed from 1909 to 1911 as well as their design.  My limited collection of these cards purposely features some well-worn, well-loved little treasures. But why the goofy name?

Wikipedia: "The name T206 refers to the catalog designation assigned by Jefferson Burdick in his book The American Card Catalog. It is also known informally as the "White Border" set due to the distinctive white borders surrounding the lithographs on each card. The T206 set consists of 524 cards. Over 100 of the cards picture minor league players. There are also multiple cards for the same player in different poses, different uniforms, or even with different teams after being traded (since the set was issued over a period of three years). The cards measure 1 7⁄16 by 2 5⁄8 inches which is considered by many collectors to be the standard tobacco card size."



originally posted 07.31.18