When I spotted a torn 1933 Babe Ruth card for sale for under a thousand dollars I knew I had to have it [Goudey Gum Co., card #144].  I'm too much of a cheap-skate to pay full retail.  It was not terribly expensive given the upper left corner had been torn and it had several creases along the top edge.  But otherwise, the color was excellent.  Without the tear I figured the quality was similar to a PSA 4 or 5...which would sell for about $5,000.  I spent a few bucks to have a professional paper restoration artist fix the tear ... and decided to have it framed.  I figured, being the gregarious sort that the Babe was, he'd appreciate a couple of his contemporaries to join him in a picture frame ... and not just any old "commoner" ... I found two Detroit Tiger Hall of Famers who were thrilled to step back in the spotlight with Babe: Mickey Cochrane and Charley Gehringer.
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