1935 National Chicle Co.'s "Football Stars"

...continued from previous page - sports cards collected by my Dad back in the 30's. 

Cards in my 2-panel picture:  "Swede" Johnston and Warren Heller...love Heller's jersey - looks much like the retro-Pittsburgh Steeler uniform they wear once a year in the NFL these days.  Back in the 30's Pittsburgh's football team was known as the Pirates!  Dad's collection included all but one player (Dale Burnett) from the 35-card series...so yes, we had the infamous Bronko Nagurski card (#34)...see more >

More fun facts about one of the first collectible series of football cards (courtesy from America's largest sports card grading & authentication service, Professional Sports Authenticator PSA): 
1935 National Chicle Football Set - the Holy Grail of Gridiron Issues (by Kevin Glew).
A Bull, a Bronko and a Shipwreck are all part of this story. No, this isn't a children's fable, but the tale of the venerable 1935 National Chicle set. Celebrated as the first nationally distributed pro football issue, this 36-card set is lauded for its art deco design. Measuring 2-3/8" by 2-7/8", these pasteboards are smaller than today's standard singles. Card fronts generally present players in action poses amidst a colorful background. The pictures were adapted from 4-1/4" by 5-1/2" oil paintings...

(more:  https://www.psacard.com/articles/articleview/7532/psa-set-registry-1935-national-chicle-football-holy-grail-gridiron-issues)

originally posted 04.27.18