Our Parade of Projects

Going Geo (As in ground source Geothermal)
2011: we installed a new Geothermal heating and cooling system.  Some trees in backyard (stumps and all) had to get cleared, then we had the nice folks from Michigan Energy Services dig five trenches roughly five feet deep and 150 feet long....to accommodate 750 feet of  "GeoThermal loop".   These series of pipes contain fluid that is capturing the earth's energy - in this case a fairly constant temperature (50-55 degrees), which is piped into the basement, connected to our new WaterFurnace to heat and cool our home and supplement hot water heating.  The WaterFurnace is connected to our existing duct-work and operates much, like the natural gas forced air system we had previously, and was installed by the talented folks at Porter & Heckman from Lapeer, MI (bought out in 2017 by Michigan Heating & Cooling of Otisville, MI).   And yes, the Water Furnace was made right here in the USA.  Cool huh?



originally posted 2011