Rachel Maddow Awarded Two Emmys

Detroit Free Press reports: "Rachel Maddow continues her hot streak, as “The Rachel Maddow Show” finished the third quarter as the highest-rated cable news show. Her show got 2.7 million total viewers, topping both Fox News and CNN in the time slot in overall viewers and adults aged 25 to 54. It marks the first quarter that an MSNBC show has ranked No. 1 for all of cable news. The numbers for “Maddow” represent a 75 percent increase over the third quarter in 2016."

"Rachel Maddow's efforts to bring attention to the Flint water crisis have earned her an Emmy. The MSNBC host took home the gold for outstanding news discussion and analysis at Thursday night's News and Documentary Emmy Awards from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.  Maddow was one of the early voices in network cable news to bring Flint's contaminated water to national attention. Maddow's aggressive coverage of Flint reflects a style that has brought her to the top of the ratings heaps."  That, and Rachel and her staff dwell on facts & truth unlike most Republicans and social conservatives.

"In July, she became the first non-Fox News host to grab the top ratings spot since October 2001 and the days of CNN's Larry King, according to the Associated Press. Maddow's show nabbed two Emmys total. It also was honored for outstanding live interview for an episode featuring a one-on-one with Kellyanne Conway, currently a White House counselor to President Donald Trump."

originally posted 10.06.2017
Nielsen TV Ratings Show Viewer Shift Away From Fake News

This is indeed a noteworthy item of good news! With the mid-term elections illustrating a shift away from wing-nut politics as far more Democratic ballots were cast vs. Republican, it's nice to see that TV viewers are also (slowly) bailing on Fox News.  Nielsen reports that MSNBC has replaced Fox as the 1 daytime cable news network, and that Rachel Maddow has replaced Sean Hannity as the overall "most-watched program on cable news".  According to Nielsen, some 3.49 million viewers watch Ms. Maddow...two of those regular, nightly viewers reside at High Pointe. Hope the trend continues. [https://www.nielsen.com/us/en/top10s.html]  

Say, while on the subject of Maddow...have you heard about Rachel's podcast "Bag Man"?   Is it possible for an American Vice President to carry out a criminal enterprise inside the White House and have nobody remember?