Trump's Base Happy With His Accomplishments ... What Accomplishments???

Huh?  What "accomplishments"?  Tell me...other than negative achievements like disruption and destruction, what pray tell has Trump accomplished?   Some point to the economy...which I don't quite understand.  Since the first of the year my investments are down 7.32% (Jan - Oct)...not quite into "correction territory" but close.  Other economic indicators: GDP...the 3rd Q is at 3.5% which is actually down slightly from the 2nd Q.  The last 4-yrs of Obama administration the GDP averaged 3.3% so I think the jury is still out on that gauge.  Jobs?  As mentioned above more jobs were created in the last 20-months of the Obama administration than Trump created in his 1st 20-months in office.  The good news on jobs began October 2010 as the Obama administration was cleaning up the last GOP mess...some 95 consecutive months of jobs growth - not something the Trump administration can take credit for without acknowledging the accomplishments of the previous Democratic administration.  Same thing with rising levels of income - which continues to rise under the Donald's watch...a trend that began under Barack's watch. 

Trump has zero legislative accomplishments...he tried to kill the Affordable Care Act as Republicans in Congress voted to repeal it some 70 times - only to find out Americans actually like many aspects of "ObamaCare" such as coverage on pre-existing conditions.  The public is not in favor of a full repeal, Donald.  Border wall?  And here I thought the Mexicans were gonna' pay for it...funny how much he talks about immigration but can not seem to get it through Congress even though Republicans hold a majority & have since 2014.  Taxes?  As mentioned below  ("Donald Is Not The Only Evil-Doer") the nation's deficit has increased by $779 billion thanks to Trump's tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.  Infrastructure?  Nothing.  Immigration?  Well, the Trump administration is still trying to put families together after their disaster separating families along our Southern border this spring.  Federal Courts stopped the practice that Donald & Jeff Sessions introduced...and it was only in effect for 3-wks.  Pure evil.   Trade?  The Donald's ill-advised tariffs are causing US job losses in several industries & agriculture, raising prices in the Consumer Price Index, as well as contributing to the volatile stock market which is approaching "correction" status.  Energy & Environment?  Don't even go there...the list of negative repercussions is way too long to summarize here; after indicating he'll withdraw from the Paris Accord, and dozens of disastrous EPA policy changes drove Trump's environmental record deeply into negative territory.

By virtually any sane measure, Trump has been a dismal failure in his first 2-yrs.  I can see where radical right-wing conservatives would be thrilled Donald got two justices confirmed to the Supreme Court...but that may be the lone accomplishment this administration can point to.  And, the trouble for Trump and Republicans running in the upcoming Mid-Term elections: the majority of Americans disapprove of his court appointments, and will regret it for decades...so the "accomplishment" appears to have back-fired. 

Elections have consequences, folks.  Let's not make the same mistake made in 2016 where too many folks stayed home and did not bother to do their civic duty.  Vote.

originally posted October 5, 2018