Of course we advocate delaying appointment of Kavanaugh...so do most Americans!

Republicans are accusing Democrats of attempting to sabotage their nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court as if that is a bad thing.  What Republicans fail to realize is the majority of Americans agree with the Democrats - Judge Kavanaugh should not be approved to a lifetime appointment to our highest court given all the flaws and uncertainties that have been exposed during the rushed process to approve the nominee.  [FactCheck: NBC News, Wall St. Journal]  And the charges of possible sexual misconduct are just one of many reasons the public is a bit skeptical and wants to know more - not less - about the mountain of Kavanaugh's documents the GOP will not release, as well as details surrounding charges leveled by Dr. Blasey Ford.

For many of us the problem with the Kavanaugh nominee began when Republicans blocked 79 of President Obama's nominees to Federal courts during his two terms in office 2008-2016.  [FactCheck]   Yep, 79 vacant positions that Barrack Obama attempted to fill were blocked successfully by Republicans over the preceding 8-years...gee, no wonder the Donald has had such "success" in getting right-wing judicial picks approved by this Republican Congress...which really is the only noteworthy accomplishment of this flawed administration besieged by scandal.  The Republican obstruction continued when Merrick Garland was nominated to fill the vacancy created by the unexpected death of Antonin Scalia some 10-months prior to the 2016 election.  "Let the people decide," Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican Leader said as he refused to schedule hearings on the Garland nomination...and ignoring the voter's voice when America elected Mr. Obama to his 2nd term in 2012.  I wish Democrats had raised a larger fuss over McConnell's slight - like shutting down all none essential government functions until Republicans behaved reasonably.  In my world - McConnell should have been arrested or kicked out of the Senate for his obstruction and failure to serve all of America...not just the radical right-wing extremists he caters to.

The next valid reason for slowing down the Kavanaugh nomination process is in exposing the sham Republicans have perpetuated in blocking literally hundreds of thousands of pages of records of Brett Kavanaugh's prior government jobs he worked in during the Bush administration.  [FactCheck]  Few voters pay attention to such things - though they should care. Many of these documents have leaked out - which is a good thing because they reveal serious questions about Kavanaugh's statements made during previous confirmation hearings (to his current Circuit Court seat), as well as his public statements and writings that draw more questions regarding Kavanaugh's true positions regarding a host of topics.  [FactCheck] Consider: #1. a woman's right to determine her own reproduction health - his writings conflict his sworn testimony before the judiciary committee; #2. his very public position and sickening obstruction as a Circuit Judge of the US Court of Appeals in a case brought by an immigrant held in custody who was seeking to have a legal abortion.  Fortunately, Kavanaugh was over-ruled by the rest of the court; [FactCheck]  #3. Kavanaugh's role in Bush administration in several matters related to warrantless wiretapping to torture of detainees during Bush's post-911 invasion & combat in Iraq & Afghanistan.  [FactCheck]  #4. the nation's ability to investigate a sitting president; #5. the President's right to pardon himself and/or delay the investigations and possible prosecution for any illegal acts (obstruction of justice and possible conspiracy with foreign powers) being investigated by Robert Mueller's team. 

And now with charges from Dr. Blasy Ford, the Republican hypocrites on the Senate Judiciary Committee have conveniently flip-flopped on their previous positions that are well documented during the Anita Hill / Clarence Thomas fiasco in 1991.  Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) both served on the Judiciary Committee 27-yrs ago when they supported the FBI to investigate...yet now they oppose the FBI updating their background check, as well as oppose the notion that additional witnesses should be called to help provide context to the pending hearings this next week.  Without a full-investigation, and without additional witnesses, the GOP seems to be hoping that Americans are not paying attention.  [FactCheck]  With mid-term elections looming Republicans seem to be banking on the hearings simply producing little more than "He said/She said" before they proceed to a vote to confirm the nominee.  Such a vote should never be allowed to occur.  posted Sunday 09.23.18   

The Only Reasonable Recourse

Vote.  The Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee should be ashamed, as should the fifty Senators who voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.  The so-called "7th FBI investigation" was so limited by Don McGahn at the White House it served only as a publicity stunt and 7-day cooling off period.  Besides the sexual assault accusation, the GOP effectively blocked some 90% of Kavanaugh's previous work history documentation.  The anger & unhinged ugliness displayed by Kavanaugh in response the Dr. Ford's testimony should have deemed the judge unfit for the Supreme Court.  The majority of Americans agreed that it was a mistake for Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to ram the process thru...so now citizens have little choice but to respond in kind in November.  I would suggest that not a single vote for any Republican should be cast...and this protest vote should extend up and down the ballot from county dog-catcher to your representatives in Washington.  Send a message - vote these creepy people out of office.
posted 10.06.18

09.23.18 & 10.06.18