Trump's Dinky Base

The handful of American voters who continue to support their President even with all of his lies (see Washington Post summary below)...they say they're behind him because of the affect he's had on the economy, immigration reform, and his nominees to Federal courts.  Keep in mind that over 46% of registered adult voters didn't even bother to vote...and among those who did vote - nearly 3 million more voters picked Clinton over Trump. And when you look at the total votes cast for the Donald only 25.2% of American's who are eligible to vote picked him.  Let that stat linger a moment.  Barely a quarter of Americans wanted him to be President in the first place ...and given his performance, his favorable ratings have tanked since taking office.  So Mr. Trump clearly never had a mandate of support.

And what about his claim that he's been the most effective President in history when it comes to "fixing the economy"?  Hyperbole & seriously mistaken, say the fact-checkers.  The USA published an awesome reader op-ed column today:

Trump’s economy isn’t much to brag about
USA TODAY  -  2 Aug 2018

"President Donald Trump has widely and loudly boasted of an economic revival of epic and historic proportions. Make no mistake, the economy today is strong and growing, but it’s far from being historic. Let’s consider the facts. There are three key metrics that indicate the strength of the economy: gross domestic product, jobs and wages. In the second quarter of this year, the GDP grew 4.1 percent, but during President Barack Obama’s tenure it grew more than 4 percent on four separate quarters. In the first 18 months of Trump’s term, job growth averaged a healthy 193,000 per month, but during Obama’s last 18 months job growth equaled an even more robust 206,000.

"Over the most recent 12 months of Trump’s presidency, average hourly wages grew 2.5 percent, but under Obama in his last year, hourly wages grew 2.9 percent.

"No matter how you cut it, Trump’s economic performance, while laudable, is clearly far less than his hyperbolic rhetoric would have us believe.

"Trump’s desperate to try to prevent a Democrat takeover of Congress in the November elections. He’s reaching for every point of distinction he can find. He will not find much to crow about."     Ken D. - Swarthmore, Pa.


originally posted 08.02.18