The Links Between The Men Behind Brexit & The Trump Campaign & Russia

Trump Lies About Russian Involvement...read on.

As Rachel Maddow would say: it is time for all good Americans to buckle-up and pay attention.  The facts have been trickling out for quite some time about our 2016 election and while we have a long way to go to get all the facts out, it is painfully obvious that evil doers have been up to mischief for years, and the dots are beginning to align and come into focus.  We are certainly well beyond viewing these reports as "fake news" or a hoax or a witch hunt.  This week the NY Times reported that Donald Trump was informed prior to the inauguration that our intelligence community had proof of Russian meddling and Vladimir Putin's involvement.  That means that our President has been lying to the American public the entire time he's been in office with each of his Tweets and speeches disparaging the so-called Mueller investigation or attempting to discredit our nation's intelligence community.  Shameful.  But for the 37% who still support Mr. Trump there is even more news for them to chew on and consider.

British journalist Carole Cadwalladr of The Guardian and The Observer has revealed how the data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica accessed the personal information of tens of millions of Facebook users to influence voters in favor of the Brexit and Donald Trump campaigns.  Cadwalladr spoke with National Public Radio's Terry Gross this week and I caught the interview on Fresh Air while out watering our lawn and washing the driveway/sidewalk lights at our home here at High Point.  Thanks to the magic of the internet machine you too can hear this interview or if you prefer, read the freaking text.  It is shocking to say the least.

"There [are] absolute parallels and overlaps between what happened in Brexit and what happened in the Trump campaign," Cadwalladr told Terry Gross.  "And that was one of the sort of very first things that alerted me when I first started looking at this 20 months ago was this very, very clear overlap of individuals."  

"So Robert Mercer, he's the billionaire hedge fund owner who was the main donor of Trump's presidential campaign. He's also the one who bought Cambridge Analytica, the company that I first started investigating for its role in the referendum. And so that was a very clear link. Steve Bannon, of course, he was Trump's campaign manager. He was a vice president for Cambridge Analytica."  Bet you had no idea Bannon opened a Breitbart Media office in London in 2012.  Why would they do that given the financial constraints the fledgling conservative media venue was under? 

I urge everyone who missed the interview to listen or read the text of the interview from links above and ask yourself: is it not suspicious that Russia was involved in both the Brexit vote and Trump's electoral college victory?  Is it not pathetic that we have a President who intentionally abuses our nation's intelligence and law enforcement communities, conflates issues surrounding the Mueller Investigation, threatens to fire his Assistant Attorney General...now that we KNOW that he's known the truth since January 2017?

A President who is under investigation should not be permitted to nominate our next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.  What exactly is it that Russians have on the Donald that cause him to favor Russian interests over American interests?


originally posted 07.19.18