Keeping Us Sane

If you've followed this website you know we've had fun this past year digging into my Dad's childhood baseball card collection...which prompted us to dust off the Ken Burns Baseball documentary series from 1994...trouble is we've gotten hooked on high definition TV viewing ... and our old collection is VHS format ... so we upgraded to a used digital CD set.  We've also brought out our beloved CD collection of the West Wing and find ourselves longing for political leaders who were good, decent, noble and thoughtful.  A lot of similarities to the Obama administration ... virtually nothing like the GW Bush or Trump years.  Okay, I'll admit it, the Donald has made me consider softening my opinion about W...but then I re-read the list of criminals from his administration...eleven of 'em and I just shake my head. [read more]  

And just think: the Donald still has rallies to this day where the audience shout "lock her up" in unison...even after his attorney pled guilty, and his former campaign mgr was found guilty of eight felony counts.  Do we need to remind voters that no one from the Obama administration was convicted of a crime???  (And no, I don't count David Petraeus...he has a Bush hold-over.)  Tell me again why anyone in their right mind votes Republican these days. 

originally posted 07.16.2018