The stock market still going sideways

Yesterday the major Wall Street financial indices were all "down".  Today they're up.  Up/down.  Sure, we may be hovering close to record territory for stock valuations ... but we've been stuck here for the past 18-months, as mentioned several times earlier (below).  Drifting sideways.  Every time I hear some mindless talking-head on TV talk about how "great the economy is" I want to puke ... because the world was in such better shape 2-1/2 yrs ago.  I spotted a story in Bloomberg News this morning that says much the same thing: "Data Can’t Convince Americans the Economy Is Doing Well" ... apparently other journalists just are clueless when it comes to economic news.   "Years of stagnant wage growth and memories of the Great Recession made a lasting impact on the country, according to a new survey."  

home ~ posted 06.26.19  (Update 07.02.19:  finally - the Dow is now worth more than it was valued 18-months ago.  Yippee ... our portfolio is finally in positive territory - but just barely.  I'm waiting for the next self-imposed gaffe on Trump's part to cause the market to tank!  Tariffs, anyone?)