Trump Bizarrely Says 'It’s Not What I Meant, It’s What I Said'

Crooks and Liars website reports: "Donald Trump's answer about North Korean spying leaves more questions than answers."  The link includes video evidence of the President's remarks - just to keep the Trump supporters from claiming he was "misquoted".

Trump Fires Pollsters After Internal Polls Show Him Losing

Also reported at the ... Crooks and Liars website.  "Uh oh, someone's having a tantrum this morning ... If you have the unfortunate habit of following Donald Trump on Twitter, it's pretty clear that he's not spending any of his Father's Day with his kids (his official schedule has him playing golf with Lindsey Graham instead). But before he steps out on the green, Trump has spent the better part of the morning lashing out against some of his favorite targets (The New York Times, etc) and insisting that he's very, very popular."   Love it when we catch the Donald flipping-out.  For those who doubt me or the Crooks & Liars website, go read the Donald's actual Twitter feed for yourself.  Trump's Tweet continued: "do you think the people would demand that I stay longer?"  In a word, Mr. President, NO.  Hopefully Congress will proceed with impeachment proceedings and even if McConnell blocks action in the Senate the voters will surely give him the boot in November 2020 ... and then we can begin criminal prosecution for his crimes.  The man needs to go - he's dangerously unstable ... and no, Mr. Trump, the press is not the "enemy of the people" - but, personally I think you are [the enemy of humankind].   This is just too rich!    

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