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Saved and archived are some of the previous articles I've written for my "blog" that has been nuked.  Too much spam.
originally posted June 13, 2010
"About Mike"
MikeHi. Mike here. I’m a life-long resident of Michigan, and proud of our diverse state. Married to a wonderful gal, Louise, who owns and operates a nice, small retail business: J.J. Cardinal’s Wild Bird & Nature Store. I grew up in the 50s & 60s in the Metro Detroit area, then moved north to Greenbush when my family converted our summer home to a year-round residence. Life along Lake Huron shore was a great experience – thoroughly enjoyed living in a small town!

It was at Central Michigan University that I picked up the dementis canis nickname (Mad Dog). Good friends Ted & Gary had left a note on their dormitory door: “MD-20/20…we’re down the hall, c’mon down!“ It was easy to find ‘em – just follow the sounds of Jethro Tull echoing through the building; upon entering the room I was met with a loud chorus of “Mad Dog!“ Ted later explained it was merely a spin on my initials and the popular rot-gut beverage Mogen David 20/20 which I think I drank once. And only once. But the name had a rather roguish quality, and Mad Dog stuck. Kids in the dorm would introduce me to their parents (as Mad Dog) when they visited…which became even more of a hoot when I became a Resident Assistant (RA) in the dorm; I can only imagine a few parents had interesting conversations on their way home wondering if junior or Jane were safe. (Yeah, it was a co-ed dorm. Naturally.) Years later I was giving a presentation at a CPA firm in Saginaw and from the back of the room one of the junior accountants attending the program exclaimed loudly: “well, if it isn’t Mad Dog!”

Since many of the comments I’ll likely post to this blog will relate to current events, news, and politics I’d like to mention my political orientation is solidily “independant”. Some have accused me of being a “Democrat” or “liberal” as if that’s something one should be ashamed of.  Prior to the 2000 elections I guess I considered myself to be basically “Republican” – voting for Nixon, Ford, Dole, Reagan, and G. H. W. Bush. But there was no way I could support George W. Bush and felt his election (and amazingly his reelection) was a bad sign for our country…and history has proven that concern to be valid. The man was completely unqualified to be President and without his family heritage there’s no way he would have gotten as far as he did. Anyway, after struggling with 8-years of W I learned to view the world and politics more objectively. Since that time I’ve seen the Republican party shift even further to the right – and it’s not a pretty sight.


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