Maddow Reports: 'Dr. with dubious past decided on unnecessary pelvic exam rule'

It's classic Rachel Maddow investigative journalism - she finds some relevance in the news of the past to shed light on current events.  In this case Maddow delivered a 2-part summary regarding the state of Missouri's attempt to squelch medical services at the lone remaining clinic licensed to perform legal, safe medical abortions. "Rachel Maddow reports on Dr. Randall Williams, the Missouri state health official who decided that women seeking a legal abortion from the state's last clinic offering abortion services must first submit to a vaginally invasive, medically unnecessary pelvic exam," MSNBC reports

Medically unnecessary?  But he's a doctor - it would seem he'd know what is or is not a safe procedure. Yeah, well, it would also seem he shoulda' known better when he held a similar position in the great state of North Carolina.  Williams was appointed NC's public health director in 2015. He became embroiled in controversy over the safety of household well water near coal ash ponds.  You can't make this stuff up; it's rich ... given the headline of the Post-Dispatch story mentioned above, the latest news should not come as a huge surprise - the doctor with his sorted past, was appointed by a governor in MO who had to resign in disgrace in an unrelated scandal. [source]

Just goes to show how evil and desperate the Republicans have become in their efforts to advance their agenda of hate ... and it's all such a waste.  Likely the GOP wing-nuts have just shot themselves in the foot (again).  The vast majority of Americans support a woman's right to determine her own reproductive health & the polling on the issue is not even close ... and, women in Missouri will rally and vote these creepy people out of office in the 2020 election ... and meanwhile, the courts will rule the MO laws to be unconstitutional.   Sure glad we have honest folks like Rachel Maddow and her staff to keep us informed!

originally posted 06.08.19