'Trump Baby' Resurfaces as the Donald Greets UK With Twitter Attacks
Donald Trump, American Reality TV Star of the radical right-wing extremists, launched his state-visit in the United Kingdom with a Twitter attack on London Mayor Sadiq Khan.  [source for news and photos]  Back here in the states as images of the inflatable 'Trump Baby' blanket domestic newscasts CNBC reports: "A rally held by the Stop Trump Coalition and other campaign groups started an hour later, with thousands planning to march from London’s Trafalgar Square to Downing Street." 

Even before Air Force One touched-down  Trump landed his below-the-belt Tweet:  @SadiqKhan, who by all accounts has done a terrible job as Mayor of London, has been foolishly “nasty” to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom. He is a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in London, not me...... [source]

This tirade followed similar behavior during Trump's state-visit last week in Japan.   The Associated Press reported: "President Donald Trump opened a state visit to Japan on Saturday by needling the American ally over its trade imbalance with the United States. “Maybe that’s why you like me so much,” he joshed." [source]President Trump is a total disaster no matter where he's charging his unsecure mobile device ... England, Washington D.C., or Tokyo.  In between his disastrous foreign travels the President announces his harebrained concept of adding a 5% tariff on goods imported from Mexico ... and he wants to add 5% each month that Mexico does not suppress, to his liking, the caravans of Central American immigrants en route to the US of A.  Economists predicts each monthly increase of 5% will add $17 Billion in added tax/cost to US consumers, and could reduce our GDP by as much as 1% by October. 
Other money watchers say it is likely what the Donald wants to see happen because the Federal Reserve Board may well have to lower interest rates ... even though our monetary supply has never been cheaper (for commercial borrowers). 

Can we really wait another year-and-a-half to get rid of this guy?  Another thought: can we rent the Trump Baby balloon from our friends in the UK and let it hover over our Southern border during this latest manufactured crisis?  Hindsight thought:  Flying Trump Baby along the Southern border may just invite target practice by some camo-clad sniper.  [economic source]

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  Rebel Rouser - by Duane Eddy (Run, Forrest, Run!)
  Lollipop - Chordettes (because we're all being treated as suckers)

originally posted 06.04.19