Mueller Speaks...Jeanine Pirro is a Trumpflake* too.

Limbaugh wasn't the only radical right wing-nut news commentator to go crazy over Robert Mueller's recent 8-minute public statement (see below). Jeanine Pirro, the certifiable wacky FOX News host of Justice w/ Judge Jeanine proved that even former Judges can say some really silly stuff.  Amazing.  Pirro is a Trumpflake and legal "analyst" for FOX - which reminds me of another unanswered question: how the heck did Louie Gohmert R-TX get elected as a state district judge? (Just as I'll never understand why anyone would faithfully watch Pirro's hate-filled program.)

Pirro's rant is based, much like Limbaugh, on AG Barr's inaccurate interpretation of Robert Mueller's report, specifically why Mueller declined to offer a conclusion regarding Trump's obstruction of justice.  Barr was wrong - most legal experts agree ... which means Limbaugh & Pirro are also wrong.  The special counsel’s job is different from that of ordinary prosecutors in a fundamental way, as Mueller explained in his report, the DOJ has concluded that a sitting president is immune from criminal prosecution, stating “under our constitutional plan … only Congress by formal process of impeachment, and not a court by any process should be accorded the power to interrupt the Presidency or oust an incumbent.”  [source]   "The report is the best evidence of the investigation," Pirro says.  "It IS the investigation.  There is no need to unilaterally emphasize or add to the document."  That's exactly what Mueller's live statement accomplished, Ms. Pirro, and had you actually read the report you would know that Mueller was not attempting to "add" anything to the public record.  I think, personally, that Mueller was speaking to the millions of Americans and particularly Republican Congressmen, who obviously have also not bothered to read the report.

Pirro continued to repeat Trump's favorite line: "no obstruction - no collusion“ and claimed Mueller had said things in his statement that was not included in his written report.  That's painfully false.  On May 29th Mueller said: "If we had had confidence the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so.” But Pirro says that line was not included in the written report.  Mueller's written words were only marginally different.  Page 182, Section 2 of the written report, under the section titled "conclusion" Mueller wrote:  "Because we determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment, we did not draw ultimate conclusions about the President's conduct. The evidence we obtained about the President's actions and intent presents difficult issues that would need to be resolved if we were making a traditional prosecutorial judgment. At the same time, if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state.  Based on the facts and the applicable legal standards, we are unable to reach that judgmentAccordingly, while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him." 

Instead of using facts and sound legal reasoning Judge Jeanine opts to employ disgraceful name-calling (Cardinal Comey, Monsignor Mueller, demon-rats) and misleading her viewers - a typical ploy on FOX.  All of this explains the connection to Pirro's comments and the cute little mug below that I found online featuring a quote: "playground bully mentality" in defending Trump.

The former judge is not this stupid - she knows full-well that the DOJ policy to not prosecute means evidence uncovered in the investigation simply needs to be handed over to Congress for further action ... it is not the place for the AG to step in and make a legal determination or render an opinion ... particularly since Barr admitted he did not read or consult the underlying documents. Barr read the Mueller report and it's analysis and issued an opinion that would please President Trump. Shameful. FOX News needs to treat Judge Pirro the same way they did following her disgraceful comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar (Pirro's show was suspended by FOX for 2-weeks).

originally posted 06.02.19