Trump's GOP Base Say They Love What He Can Do For Our Economy...

“What appeals to me mostly about Donald Trump is basically how he is a businessman and we kind of need a businessman right now to fix our economy,”  says Gary J. from Ohio ... Trump supporter. 

"So I finally feel like we have somebody who has credentials outside of Washington, who has proven himself. Look at this building right here. Look at all of his buildings that he owns across the world. He’s a billionaire," said a Connecticut voter standing in front of Trump Tower. (1)

Some of the rationale voters have given to explain their support for Donald J. Trump is his business experience and the impact he can have on the nation's economy.  The trouble is, Trump's base gets their "news" from FOX or their Twitter or Facebook account "News feeds" ... that's assuming they're paying attention at all. 

If you're enjoying a lovely Memorial Day weekend and there happens to be a Trump supporter handy, I suggest you gently ask a few questions to see if they understand what a freaking mess Republicans have created.  (Tip: blurting out "what the heck is wrong with you?" is not the recommended approach.)

First, lets agree on a few basics.  Like: what's a budget deficit?  The budget deficit is the amount of money the federal government spends compared to the amount of money that is collected (taxes, fees).  Each year this budget deficit gets added to our total national debt which now stands at $22.3 TRILLION or nearly $68,000 for every US citizen. (2)  

Wow.  That sounds like a lot of debt - how are we ever going to pay that off?  Well, since the President has been in office over 29-months ... 856 days oughta' be enough time to implement changes to the way Congress spends money, donĚcha think?  So, gwon ... ask the nearest Trump Supporter how much the Donald has cut from our current national debt.  Admittedly, that's sort of a trick question 'cuz those who pay any attention to genuine news know Mr. Trump hasn't cut a dime - in fact, he's added over $3 TRILLION to our national debt since January 20, 2017.  The exact figure gets a bit complicated because the government budget does not run on a calendar year basis - rather, our fiscal year runs October thru September.  So to be fair he's had just one-and-a-half fiscal years to work his magic. In 2017 Republicans rammed thru Trump's tax cut for corporations and wealthy folk which is added over $1 trillion to our national debt according to the Joint Committee on Taxation. Ouch. What happened to Trump's pledge:  "We’ve got to get rid of the $19 trillion in debt ... Well, I would say over a period of eight years." (3)  You could say that pledge has been just about as effective as Trump's plan to drain the swamp. 

sources:  (1) the quotes at beginning of this article came from USA Today Network interviewed Trump Supporters and published their comments which I think folks oughta' read - but first, a warning: you may find things these people say to be quite disturbing.  (2) National Debt Clock with data from the US Treasury.  (3) Washington Post lets us read & hear it for yourself in Trump's own words: "get rid of the $19 trillion debt".

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