WH says "Trump's economy is roaring" ...

Republicans say the president should focus more on the economy as he campaigns for a second term.  Radical right-wing extremists have repeated the phrase so often they hope to brainwash their base of supporters into believing it is true ... even when it is not and even when there is plenty of data to support the fact that our economy has been running sideways for over a year and a half.  Consider:  Dow Jones Industrial average closed yesterday (May 23, 2019) at 25,490.47 ... 17 months ago the Dow was at 26,616.71 points.  Mr. Trump:  the market has actually gone down by 1,126 points ... 17-months wasted as you've attacked the Justice Department, attacked the FBI, attacked NATO and our allies.

Sure, the national employment picture looks great - USA job growth has enjoyed over 10-yrs of consecutive monthly growth ... which means it started shortly after Joe Biden was sworn-in as Vice-President, and continued thru 8-years of the Obama administration.  The good news: even with all of the negativity and division created by Donald J. Trump: he has not been able to completely destroy our economy, but if his trade war with China continues much longer that likely will tank, too.  Any chance you read about the Donald's $16 BILLION farm aid bill?  Farmers have been hit hard by Trump's tariffs - but so have many other American workers.  But his base of dwindling supporters includes a big block of farmers.  So, to retain that voting block among his base supporters he treats 'em like he treated Stormy Daniels ... with a bribe.  Do the nation a favor, voters ... stay informed.     

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