Fox News Town Hall participants & viewers give Buttigieg warm welcome

It drove Donald J. Trump absolutely insane that the youthful but experienced South Bend Indiana Mayor & Democratic candidate for President Pete Buttigieg was so warmly received at a Town Hall gathering in Claremont, New Hampshire this past weekend.   Trump was particularly pissed that Fox News would broadcast the program, but he also mentioned on Twitter how crushed he was that Fox News anchor Chris Wallace offered such a glowing assessment of Buttigieg. 

In response to the 2nd question of the event (RE:  a woman's right to have an abortion) Mayor Pete said: "I believe that the right of a woman to make her own decisions about her reproductive health and about her body is a national right.  I believe it's an American freedom and I believe that should be enjoyed by women in every state."  It was obvious that his comments struck a positive cord with the crowd who have watched with great concern several state legislatures passing highly restrictive anti-abortion legislation ... notice the applause Mayor Pete received ... it appears as if 30% of the audience is not clapping ... 2/3 of the crowd is clapping & cheering. [video timestamp - part one 8:21]  You can view it for yourself if you doubt my characterization.

Impressive resume:  Harvard grad, Rhodes Scholar - Oxford. US Naval Reserve - served in Afghanistan 2014, executive experience serving as Mayor of S. Bend, IN since 2011.  Speaks 8 languages, plays guitar and piano (well enough to perform as a guest soloist with S. Bend Symphony Orchestra). 

home ~ posted 05.21.19