The Focus Must Be On GOP...

The daily news digest today offers plenty of examples of the sort of on-going scrutiny the public oughta' apply to all elected officials ... in particular: Republicans. 

First Republican Calling For Impeachment
From the US House of Representatives Justin Amash (R-MI) appears to be the first member of the GOP to put a stake in the ground expressing his dissatisfaction with President Trump. [source]  Regarding his Tweet (right) I have no idea what AG Barr's intent may be, but I agree with Amash.  Barr has misrepresented the Mueller Report, and I think Trump's conduct warrants much deeper investigation which his administration is currently obstructing.  Those not abiding by Congressional Subpoenas should be charged with crimes - Barr, Steven Mnuchin - Treasury Sec't, Charles Rettig - Commissioner of the IRS ... each should be taken to court and forced to produce the material requested by Congress.  BTW: I found the responses on Twitter to Justin's posting to be rich & representative of the American public - there were a dozen or more reasonable replies essentially thanking him for taking a stand ... but as expected there are more than a few examples of harebrained thinking ... one person tried to connect the dots to the House Benghazi investigation (which found nothing after 4+ yrs of "investigation").  Overall I am not surprised but I am disappointed many members of Congress haven't bothered to read the Mueller Report ... chances are they're the same creeps who are saying the "investigation is over".  No, Mr. McConnell ... it's far from being over.  For those readers who also haven't read the report: see my "library" on right-hand column, item #8.

Michigan’s bridges are bad
The Detroit Free Press provides a detailed report on the state of our bridges (and roads) in Michigan and the country as a whole - the report includes a searchable map if you're wondering where the most dangerous Michigan bridges are located which you or your family may encounter on a regular basis.  I discovered I cross one such bridge that is rated "poor" each time I drive to Goodrich, a cute lil' village just East of us.  The bridge in question is on Baldwin Rd. over Thread Creek.  Another local bridge rated "poor" carries far more traffic:  it's the SB bridge connecting I-475 with SB I-75.

How does this happen?  Neglect.   We can "thank" our Republican controlled state legislature for inadequate funding - fortunately voters put a smart woman in the Governor's mansion this past mid-term election: Gretchen Whitmer has several proposals pending to begin fixing our problems with roads & bridges ... but predictably, the GOP controlled legislature is resisting, just as they are resisting common-sense auto insurance reform.  Folks, we need to put a shovel in the ground and stop waiting for Republicans to act before citizens are injured in the next bridge catastrophe.  It's time to take a stand.

Republicans have rigged Michigan's last 4 elections...
... "They want to rig one more" ... so says Brian Dickerson, the mostly brilliant editorial writer for the Detroit Free Press.  "In a unanimous ruling, the panel concluded that the Republican legislators and the Republican governor who drew Michigan's current political boundaries after the 2010 census had broken the law to give their party's legislative and congressional candidates an unfair advantage in every election since.  An illegal advantage."   An illegal advantage ... and yes, it was a Republican scheme.   The case will likely be appealed to the Supreme Court.  Will the majority of Associate Justices appointed by Republicans prevail?  Michigan voters passed, overwhelmingly, a referendum to have an independent commission be responsible after 2021 to revise/redraw Michigan's districts to ensure boundaries do not favor any political party ... but what about the 2020 election?

79% of Americans Favor "Choice"
The reality is that more than 7 in 10 Americans support Roe vs. Wade and the right to legal abortion.  Legislative action in multiple states is likely a desperate effort by Republicans who see their clout & influence in decline.  Before you respond: "Trump was elected and Republicans hold a majority in something like 29 state legislatures" consider that Clinton won the popular vote by more than 3 million, and many states are in court fighting claims of gerrymandered districts ... including Michigan.  Republicans & religious wing-nuts want to make it illegal for a woman to have an abortion ... soon!  Before they lose control of the White House & Congress.  They see the handwriting on the wall as Republicans are destined to become the minority party just as Anglo-white folk are about to become the minority ethnic designation in coming years.  The aforementioned Freep Editorial Director, Dickerson, published an excellent column this past week that should be cut out and posted above every water cooler in the state ... or clipped and mailed to your crazy Uncle Harry who just loves for government, not women themselves, to determine laws that govern reproductive health in this country.

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