Your President Is Obsessed With Twitter

In the past week your President has fired off 217 Tweets.  Allow me to repeat that fun-fact to ensure it sinks in: Donald J. Trump has sent on average 31 Tweets daily for the past week.  He's extended his trade war with China via Tweet, he's threatened via Twitter to take our country to war with Iran. He's even claimed to be responsible for the Boston Red Sox success, via Twitter.  He's slammed several US Congressmen, praised FOX News, attacked Democrats, Joe Biden, the NY Times, and the FBI ... all on his favorite social media tool ... a tool that few Americans even bother to use because it can be so moronic and simplistic.  Thirty-one times a day the President is sending out Twitter messages rather than acting like an adult ... 102 of his messages were "re-Tweets" (forwarding/sharing material someone else wrote) and 115 original Trump Tweets were written ... over 16 per day.  [source]

There are plenty of topics that Trump repeats - over and over.  Like his habit of denying climate change ... 106 times Trump has implied "global warming" is a hoax.  436 times he's Tweeted about the "fake news media". 

He's also obsessed with the opposition research report by Christopher Steele that began as a Republican project before DJT got the GOP nomination.  The matter is over 2-yrs old but he can not let it go ... once again referring to it as the "Fake Dossier" - even though no one in his administration and no one on Fox News has EVER proven any of the material in the report to be false.  "Fake Dossier"?  No Donald, it's real ... but it was simply an outline - a preliminary "opposition research" report like virtually all political campaigns assemble prior to an election.  But by constantly trashing the report you've brainwashed your base of supporters into believing that the Steele Dossier is something rare and hideous.  It's not - and those who have bothered to read it, understand that.  Trump supporters most likely have never read it (even though a .pdf copy has been right here on my bookshelf - glance to the right, it's item #4, Einstein).

Twitter claims to have over 328 million unique accounts but fact-checkers say 79% of those accounts are based outside of the US of A.  That means, according to PolitiFact.com that after subtracting duplicate accounts only about 15% of American voters use that social media platform.  What a waste of time ... given how involved the President is with these silly messages it's no wonder the country is falling apart.

home ~ originally posted 05.14.19