Tariff Lies: "We're the piggy bank everyone steals from"

President Donald Trump said Thursday that tariffs are an "excellent" alternative to a trade deal with China, proving once again how clueless he is with another manufactured crisis: U.S. trade negotiations with China.  "We were close to a deal (with China) so our country can take in $120 billion a year in tariffs ... paid for mostly by China by the way, not by us.  A lot of people try to steer it in a different direction ... ultimately it's really paid for by - largely - by China and businesses will pour back into our country so instead it will be the old fashioned way - the way we used to do, we'll be making our own product."

FACT-CHECK:  False.  Trump's tariffs are being paid mainly by American consumers.  Doubt me?  Read it for yourself ... Factcheck.org writes: "The president distorts the facts about tariffs — again ... tariffs are paid by US importers in the form of customs duties and ... by U.S. consumers in the form of higher prices.  They are not paid by China.

FactCheck.org also shared a quote from an interview that aired May 7 on NPR - former White House economic adviser Gary Cohn said: “For every dollar of tariff that’s collected, it’s coming out of disposable income of the United States consumer today.”

The remarks were made following a White House ceremony with Alex Azar Secretary of Health and Human Services and a cast of staff & assorted stakeholders to announce changes in medical billing practices, the Donald took questions from the press on a host of topics including attacks on the Mueller investigation, his son's subpoena, Iran, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Democrats in general in addition to his ill-fated tariffs on Chinese imports.  The poor folks who were little more than fodder for the President as they stood uncomfortably for over 45 minutes, shifting weight from foot to foot, rarely smiling.  Too bad; it's what they get for supporting Trump.

[For those unfortunate folks who continue to support this President please watch the freaking video and see for yourself - Trump's China comments begin around the 16:00 mark, with more later @ the 31:00 mark in his rambling fact-challenged WH rant.]

originally posted 05.10.19