Are Republicans Clueless? Or, Is The GOP On A Mission To Self-destruct?

It seems to be intentional.  Almost every week there is some major political development somewhere across this great land that makes voters scratch their heads and ask: "are these Republican boneheads purposely pissing off American voters?"  Whether is it by design or just another silly example that proves this party has become the problem, those who still favor Republicans in any political office today oughta' consider the following:

  • This week the Georgia General Assembly sent Gov. Kemp a "heartbeat" bill making it illegal for women to secure an abortion after the detection of a fetal heartbeat which can happen as early as six weeks into pregnancy ... often before many women are even aware they are pregnant.  Georgia has 72 women serving on their state legislature, or roughly 30% of the state law-making body even though over 51% of the state population are women.  Yet this male-dominated group felt this may be their last chance (before they become a minority party) to ram another restriction thru in their never-ending anti-abortion fight to change "settled law".  [source]
  • Last November, 2018, Florida voters approved a referendum to restore voting rights for some 1.5 million people with prior felony convictions.  That leaves Iowa & Kentucky as the only states today in America that restricts voting rights for those with a felony on their record.   But now, some 6-months later the GOP controlled Florida legislature has passed a number of radical restrictions that will prevent the majority of felons in their state from ever casting a ballot.  Seems to be a violation of the "will of the people" doesn't it?  The restrictions will require Florida felons to pay back fines, and court costs - reminiscent of Poll Taxes from days gone by.  Republicans obviously fear that the majority of those regaining their right to vote after serving time will be inclined to vote for Democratic candidates & causes - which is an accurate concern.  [source]
  • In another case of Republicans ignoring the "will of the people" in 2012 Michigan residents voted to kill the "emergency manager law" put into place by GOP Governor Rick Snyder ... but in their infinite wisdom Michigan's gerrymandered GOP legislature voted to institute a new law that gave the state and their governor the right to impose their will & replace the Emergency Manager law ... which lead famously to the "Flint Water Crisis." In my humble opinion, Rick Snyder STILL needs to be prosecuted ... instead, the residents of Michigan continue to pay for his legal defense fund.  Sickening. [read more about Flint's ongoing problem with lead contaminated municipal water system]
  • President Trump has been attacking China for years, even before running for office.  So his manufactured "trade war" and imposing tariffs on some imported Chinese goods is not a huge surprise - but it's still a really dumb thing to do.  First, tariffs are paid by American consumers, not China.  So the resulting massive Wall Street declines this week are due 100% to Trump's actions.  I've written about this problem several times (below) but the 500-point decline on the NYSE gives me the right to say it again: "Folks, if you don't like seeing your investments and retirement savings decline ... stop voting for Republicans."  [it's not just Mike who thinks Trump's an idiot; virtually EVERY economist on planet Earth agrees.]
home ~ posted 05.08.19 - (and I fully anticipate adding to this article whew I've cooled-off a little...too pissed to write any more at the moment.)