"Nasty Woman" Attack From Trump Sound Familiar?

Well it should if you've paid attention.  He attacked Hillary Clinton right in the middle of their 3rd "debate" back in 2016.  "Such a nasty woman," Trump said, interrupting Clinton who was answering a question about Social Security & taxes.  (Trump supporters doubt the accuracy of that statement?  Glad we have actual video confirming the ugly incident proving I am right and you are wrong.) 

Apparently some voters didn't care.  They voted for the creep anyway even after he refused to release his tax returns, and was charged by dozens of women for sexual assault, including evidence Trump had paid hush money trying to cover-up his escapades.  Now, after 2-yrs of destroying America's global reputation, adding $1.2 TRILLION to our national debt, and spreading evil, hate, discord & division among US citizens, the Donald is back to his disrespectful habit of attacking political opponents: "Trump told a FOX Business host that (Senator Kamala) Harris had "probably" been "very nasty" to Barr during the hearing."  [more proof: source

Glad to see Ms. Harris used the incident to her advantage - enjoying a boost to fund-raising for her Presidential campaign.  As mentioned below, Ms. Harris offered some of the best questions for Attorney General Wm. Barr at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings ... shame the FOX News fans likely missed the actual hearings and probably know as much about what is actually going on as Trump's crass, mindless white supremacist boosters shown above.

[Note from Mike to Trump supporters:  if these folks in the photo above depicting Trump boosters at a recent rally appear to be reasonable, thoughtful people, I can understand why Trump gets your support.]

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