Sarah Sanders Deserves “Lifetime Achievement Oscar for Lying”

So says Sam Donaldson, veteran ABC News White House reporter.   There are days, while anticipating an official White House Press Briefing (vs. one of the parking lot press encounters that has become the norm these days) when I'd program our faithful DVR to record a series of news talk shows for 1/2 of the day ... thereby ensuring I'd capture the complete briefing to view later - not just homogenized 10-second summary during the Evening News.  This habit began shortly after the first Sean Spicer briefing when he claimed Trump's inaugural attendance set records.  (It did not - not even close.)  Spicer became an excellent source for Saturday Night Live parody skits, and he didn't last long.

Amazingly the current official spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has held the job the longest in this wild Trump administration ... since July 26, 2017.  I say "amazingly" because there likely has not been a single press briefing that she's held that was not riddled with controversy.  She attacks members of the press that she or Donald Trump do not like.  She is rude and condescending, and rarely answers direct questions completely.  So when I spotted an opinion article that depicted Sanders negatively, I had to read it.  To younger readers who may not be familiar, Sam Donaldson worked for ABC News from 1967 to 2013, much of that time focused on the White House.  Sam was recently quoted saying “Look, I’ve had the pleasure of working with almost every press secretary beginning with Pierre Salinger in John F. Kennedy’s administration and, except for Ron Ziegler who lied for Richard Nixon, I’ve never seen anything like this with Sarah Sanders,” Donaldson said.  And even when it came to Ziegler “there’s a difference” because “Ziegler lied about one thing” and that’s whether Nixon was engaged in a cover-up of Watergate but he was still truthful on other matters. On the other hand, “Sarah Sanders simply lies about everything, taking a cue from her boss. Not just one thing.”  [suggestion: read the entire article in Slate magazine it's really quite rich and offers an expert's view of the daily soap opera @ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.]

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