...he’s still the most popular Republican among Republican voters...

The reference is to the Donald..."still popular" among the GOP faithful even after all of his bluster, lies, demeaning comments, threats of trade wars, insults, and likely illegal activity.  At least that's what was said in a recent USA Today article that attempted to bring some clarity to our political scene in America some 400+ days into the disastrous Trump Presidency.  While reading this nonsense I couldn't help think about Garry Trudeau's excellent Doonesbury cartoon published just the day before: 

Reprinted without permission - political cartoon published Sunday 04.22.18 in major media, globally. The vast majority of Republicans are proving they are little more than freaking hypocrites.  If you'd like to share this viewpoint with others here's a direct link to an archive of: Doonesbury - Trudeau's award winning cartoon.


posted 04.24.18