Mueller Report Confirms Much of What Trump Says, Are Lies

"I have nothing to do with Russia. To the best of my knowledge no person that I deal with does," says Trump in February 2017.  He repeated that tale hundreds of times since the investigation began, and usually added phrases like "hoax" and "witch hunt" and "fake news".  Trouble is, the Donald's quote is on video so it's hardly fake...and it has been documented that 17 Trump campaign officials and advisers had contacts with Russian nationals...over 100 meetings and/or calls took place.  [read more at the LA Times]

CNN Business reports today "Sarah Sanders Huckabee admitted she lied to the White House press. Does she have any credibility left?"  Quick answer: no.  "Robert Mueller's report confirms that Sanders simply made it up when she said that "countless" FBI agents had told her that they were thankful Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey," reports CNN.  Sarah's remarkable admission is hardly the 1st time she's been questioned about her efforts to communicate accurately - she's been accused of repeated deceptive practices during her nearly 2-yr gig on Trump's "communication team".  But now the truth is revealed in Mueller's report — striking largely because Sanders Huckabee has actually fessed-up to her lies.  Hopefully if she holds another press briefing in the future the media will ignore her & not attend.

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