Trump's Ill-Advised Tariffs Will Cost Americans Jobs

Hard to tell what the President's real intent is when his focus seems to be to simply "un-do" all the good things accomplished during the previous administration.  Trump's campaign pledge to bring jobs back - particularly "coal jobs" has been proven countless times to be flawed logic...there are more US workers supporting solar power businesses than we have in businesses that produce US coal.  The majority of solar jobs are non-manufacturing, focused on design, service and installation of clean energy systems that continue to sprout nationwide, so his tariff on solar panels makes no sense.

The Donald also threatens the world with trade wars with his steel & aluminum tariffs - even though the American consumer is the one who will pay higher prices for any product that uses steel or aluminum.  His administration opposed the idea as have most everyone in Congress.  When is this nonsense going to end???  Impeach Trump now!

posted 04.10.18