Saved and archived are some of the previous articles I've written for my "blog" that has been nuked.  Too much spam.
originally published 03.07.14

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

The way people are still so critical of our nation's economy tells me they are not all that well informed. It's our duty to spread the good word and ensure voters turn out in record numbers Nov 2016 so that we can continue to build on the progress we've made. Because the economy is improving.

In addition to the recovering financial markets, recovering housing markets, improved manufacturing base...overall jobless rates are declining throughout America. Steadily. If Fox "news" is your primary source for information, you probably have been fed a different story. But the data and facts are unmistakable, and the steady, consistent jobs growth is due in large part to the work of the Obama administration. Thank goodness for the adults in the room! Naturally the sour radical right-wing extremists and Fox News had to put a negative spin on it. Meanwhile, Standard & Poors and "The Dow" hit new all-time record highs...as does "Obama derangement syndrome". Originally posted: 3/7/14, updated 06/05/16. The streak of consecutive positive monthly job growth since my last "update" has continued. We're now at 74-straight months of good news & it's driving conservative wing-nuts crazy.
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