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Saved and archived are some of the previous articles I've written for my "blog" that has been nuked.  Too much spam.
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Made in the USA

usa-made-jeansThe past several years I got a couple new pair of blue jeans from my best buddy as gifts which were actually made in the US of A.  Imagine that.  Levi's, Wrangler, Lee's...virtually all major brands of jeans sold in America are manufactured elsewhere.   Same with most all apparel American's mindlessly acquire - they pull up to their favorite Wal-Mart sporting bumper stickers that scream: "Buy American" and then proceed to fill their shopping carts with cheap imported goods.  Well, credit Louise for finding these amazingly well-made jeans that proudly sport the American flag.   Care to try a pair? Check out the website for Duluth Trading Company. Sure, they peddle imported stuff too, but for those who seek goods and services that support domestic businesses, this might be a good website to bookmark. I did, and have just placed an order for a bottle Ogallala Bay Rum made in Nebraska!

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