If the clown face fits, wear it, Rush!

Thursday I caught Rush Limbaugh's opening radio segment while walking on treadmill and was not the least bit surprised when he spent essentially the entire 1st hour conflating & twisting a news report he obviously did not read, titled: "You may be disappointed by the Mueller report," by Ken Dilanian, NBC national security reporter.  Limbaugh took the headline, inserted his own harebrained "deep state" interpretation and twisted facts as usual to prove there has been "no collusion".  Go ahead and read the transcript of his show if you question the accuracy of my comment.  You'll find on that page his staff inserted a photoshopped picture of John Brennan, the nation's former CIA Director with a clown nose ... so I thought I'd turn the tables and see how Rush looked with the same disrespectful spin.   

"It's been a conspiracy on the left to discredit Trump and remove him from office," El Rush Bo ranted.  Well, yes, most Americans do wish to remove Trump from office - but there is no "conspiracy".  Most Americans are disgusted over the many things Trump has said and done prior to the election and since he's been in office.  Americans want Trump out of office for cause ... not just because we don't like the guy ... we don't like what he is doing!

Since you read the article linked above you know the point of Dilanian's NBC News piece was to explain the concern many of us have that the Trump administration will attempt to hide the findings of whatever report that the special prosecutor's investigation produces.  There is no road map that defines how the report is to be released; there is no definition of what details will be shared with the public.  Fortunately there is proposed bipartisan legislation from Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) that is designed to clarify these issues and ensure the findings of the investigation are fully communicated to the American people.  It's a shame you didn't actually read the story you were reporting, Rush. 

home ~ originally posted 02.16.19