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Eric Trump speaking with Sean Hannity on Fox News (yesterday 01.29.19):  “They’ve become so radicalized and it’s not going to work. They’ve become crazy. The message doesn’t even make sense anymore.  It’s almost an anti-American message.”    If you hadn't guessed, the "they" in Eric's remarks are Democrats, and Hannity is loving it as he too piles-on to the notion that our nation's problems are caused by "radical" Democrats, liberals & progressives.  These two whack-a-mole characters went on to discuss our "state of the union" as if the Donald has been doing great things that drive a healthy economy and a safer, more secure world. Is there anyone on a regularly scheduled TV program who is more detached from reality than Sean Hannity?  (Ok, Laura Ingraham could be in contention for that title.)

As discussed in previous articles below (and archives of Mike's famous Trump bashing articles listed in the right-hand column) most anything that is going well these days in the world and in the USA has nothing to do with Trump policies.  The improving economy & our nation's employment began turning around 10-years ago when Barack Obama and Democrats were busy cleaning up the messes created by Republicans from 2001-2008 (which to summarize if you've already forgotten, included: two unfunded wars, unfunded tax cuts, unfunded Medicare drug benefits, a cratered economy often compared to the Great Depression).  There are millions of Americans who have still not recovered from the last Republican mess ... entire communities that will never be the same.  Need examples?  See USA Today article "10 years later, these 28 U.S. cities never recovered from the Great Recession".  Trump can not take credit for the few glimmers of positive news that Americans enjoy, and certainly has done very little good on any front.  The current string of 98 consecutive months of job growth dates back to 2010.  However, the past year Wall Street has been flat, as previously discussed, due in large part to the volatility & uncertainty caused by Trump's unfunded tax cuts, destructive tariffs and general instability of his domestic & global policies.  For example: Trump's gov't shutdown cost America some $11 BILLION says the Congressional Budget Office ... for what?  Trump is not getting the funding he wants for his border-wall ... and Republicans have tanked in the polls.  No, Eric, (and no, Sean) the problems we face in this country are not the fault of Democrats.

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