Trump Caves as Americans Blame Him for Gov't Shut Down

A defeated, ashen Donald Trump took to a microphone in the Rose Garden Friday to announce his grand bargain: [roll-film & watch] the 35-day gov't shut down is temporary over and thankfully, no funding for his beloved, divisive border wall. Not yet anyway.  Republicans, who are losing favor with the voting public, urged the President to end the hardship and negativity.  Roughly 800,000 Federal employees will be paid sometime next week after being forced to work for free since before Christmas.  Likely a similar number of contractors and people who work in jobs that support Federal employees will be left holding the bag.

And just like last year at the "Helsinki Summit" with his boss: Vladimir Putin, the Donald appeared sullen & incompetent ... shoulders hunched.  After his brief, nearly incoherent remarks last Friday, the Donald dashed back inside without taking any questions from reporters as had been promised by WH Communications staff.  The reprieve will last just 3-weeks giving law makers a chance to negotiate a budget and immigration reform.  Three weeks for the Donald to hear viscous critique on Rush Limbaugh & Fox News & other conservatives talking-head venues he frequents during his "Executive Time" which makes up some 60% of a typical day.  Something tells me this budget/border wall fight is not "over" and settled.

In mid-December Congress thought they had a budget bill all set to avoid a gov't shut-down before the holidays until the Donald got spanked by Limbaugh, Hannity, Ann Coulter & Laura Ingraham causing Trump to back-peddle and renege.  So before the new deadline of Feb 15th be ready for similar full-court pressure by the radical right-wing conservatives who thrive on spreading fear and ignoring facts they disagree with ... I won't be surprised to hear more threats by the President to fund his border wall thru Executive Order claiming its a national security issue, though Republican leadership is urging the President to avoid that path.  Democrats should be proud the way they held firm in this latest episode of reality-TV-show politics.   Unless Republicans in Congress wish to experience another humiliating defeat they should negotiate a settlement with Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer and Democrats that will over-ride a Presidential veto.  The vast majority of Americans ... including progressives, independents & Democrats will continue to be winners as they fight the Donald's bogus, exaggerated national security claims in court ... they must block the border wall that DJT said Mexico was going to pay for. Mexico won't be paying for it ... just like Trump's tariffs the cost will be shouldered by Americans.  It seems as if a day rarely passed since 2015 when he launched his campaign, that candidate Trump promised all sorts of crazy stuff.  Yes, changes are warranted in our immigration laws and Democrats will be reasonable ... they have a lot of work to do in the next 15 days - I'd like to see Congress in session full-time to get this done & avoid another self-inflicted wound.

home ~ originally posted 01.26.19