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originally published 01.23.13

Choice.  (Excuse Me...But It's Still Legal)

Regardless what anyone says I do not support any legislation or any movement that will force women to have an abortion. No one should be forced to have a legal medical procedure if it violates their beliefs. Period. If someone supports "pro-life" notions - it's fine with me, I s'pose.

Well actually it's not fine with me, but I figure everyone is entitled to their own opinions - regardless how misguided I may think they are. I certainly don't agree with 'em - and increasingly I equate most active "pro-lifers" with dinosaurs, but that's not my point. I support "choice".  I don't wish to impose my opinions upon others. Simply stated: I don't think a woman who opposes abortion should be forced to have one...and the reverse oughta' be true too.  The anti-abortion crowd needs to back-off and shut their pie hole; laws that restrict access to legal abortion services oughta' be repealed, and regulations requiring medical personnel to say all sorts of wacky things to patients oughta' be stopped.  Immediately.  If someone wants to bring another life into this world and vows to love and support the child...who am I question their ability to be a good parent?  Who am I to question?

If a woman wishes to not have a child and seeks an abortion, no one should be allowed to impose 72-hour waiting periods.  No one should require doctors to recite a bunch of political garbage (that is not scientifically or medically based).  The whole abortion issue has really been a hot topic.  Especially of late as we recognize the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court of these United States of America.  In the past two years 130 state laws have been passed - all geared toward limiting women's access to legal medical services.  It's shameful and needs to stop.

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