President Trump's House of Carbs

College football national champs from Clemson visited the WH the other day to celebrate their victory over Alabama, and the President treated the players to an assortment of fast-food take-out...which he says he's personally going to pay for.  Well, isn't he generous?  

Seriously ... under the portrait of Abraham Lincoln the Donald showed off his feast fit for a (junk food) king ... they served pizza and packaged selections from McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King.   Apparently the Donald thinks the critique over the menu selection is about money rather than the reality that his gov't shutdown has furloughed the staff who normally would have handled the catering for the event.  Some visitors expressed disappointment; "I thought the WH was 'sposed to be 'fancy'..." read one Tweet.  Others wondered why the President didn't have his staff simply cater the buffet from Trump's International Hotel next door and served something more appropriate given the venue ... like a healthier selection of food.  (Clemson actually has a dietary coach ... an "executive performance chef" ... on staff to ensure players do not consume a steady diet of the food groups Trump served.)
Source Links: CNBC

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