Trump Supporters & Fox News Typically Ignore Facts

As much as the Donald likes to control the daily news cycle, especially when most of the news that involves him & his administration is negative, the real problem lies with the American voter.  Few voters who support the right bother to read actual news or information, relying more on Fox News to tell them what they want to hear.  Trump loves to refer to most all non-Fox news venues as "fake" which is really rather pathetic. 

Just wondering...how many right-wing voters question how or why so many people in his administration from his inauguration until now worked previously at Fox News or some other conservative venue?  Does it not strike conservative voters as odd?  Do they really think these people are qualified to take on these jobs?  I don't.  Let's consider a few of 'em: Communications Director Bill Shine was President of Fox News before being forced to resign amid allegations of sexual misconduct...he may know the conservative news business but what does he know about managing the WH communications team? At least former Fox News commentator John Bolton had some previous high-level gov't service experience but he's the rare exception (for those who are not informed, Bolton is now Trump's National Security adviser - the position vacated by convicted felon Michael Flynn, Trump's 1st head of his NSA). Lacking any experience in government service is our acting United Nations Ambassador Heather Nauert.  Communications director Mercedes Schlapp also worked previously at Fox News and is a political animal with minimal experience. There's also Fox News legal pundit Joseph diGenova who joined the WH legal team to defend Trump of his assorted campaign violations and other legal issues of his own making.  Treasury Dept. official Tony Sayegh and former deputy national security adviser K.T. McFarland both worked for Fox, as did former US Senator Scott Brown who is now our Ambassador to New Zealand.  Former communications director Anthony Scaramucci lasted just 10-days before returning to Fox Business Network. Former chief strategist Steve Bannon was Chairman of Breitbart News. Former CNBC analyst Larry Kudlow is now the Donald's director of National Economic Council...at least Larry had some experience in the Reagan admin.

Besides those on team Trump who came from cable "news" venues there is little regard for truth or honesty among this bunch.  Astute voters and reasonable Americans regularly consume news from a variety of sources and also make a habit of reading actual reports and documents that much of the "news" is based upon. If you are one of the minimally informed American voters I suggest you do yourself a favor today and visit the Annenberg Public Policy Center's website: FactCheck.Org.  (For those who think this is another liberal think tank, think again...the Annenberg center was funded by conservative Republican Walter Annenberg who made some of his fortune in print & electronic media - Philadelphia Inquirer, TV Guide & Seventeen magazine - among his many holdings).  Annenberg was the US Ambassador to Great Britain in the '70's under Presidents Nixon & Ford.  Please folks, stop relying on your "news feed headlines" on your Smart Phone to keep you informed...that's like reading CliffsNotes study guides before your final exam (and never bothering to read your textbooks).  No, it's not enough, Sparky.

originally posted 01.07.19